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Replacing Sprites


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Sorry if it sounds stupid but.

how can i replace the face, and battle sprites from characters in a fe rom with custom sprites?

i kinda wanted to just change it to a custom character sprites i found because i got a retarded idea in mind.

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Have you heard of Blazer's Ultimate tutorial?

It should definitely help you out.

You'll need programs, FEditor ADV, Night mare, and a simple notepad application.

From there, you should google Blazer's Ultimate tutorial,


ctrl f 

And type in the keyword of what you'd like to learn.

I believe custom battle animations was in their late 50s/ maybe 60s.

And for portraits probably before that.



For easy acces.

And the chapters you'd mainly liek to concern yourself for the time being is

CH. 42, and CH. 57 and 58

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[spoiler=Portrait Mini Tutorial That Probably Isn't As Good As The One In The Ultimate Tutorial]

OK, first get FEditor, and if you don't already have it, Java.

Next, open up the FEditor folder, then go to the dist folder.

Then, open up FEditor Adv.jar.


Now, make sure your face is formatted correctly. Check the Ultimate Tutorial, I think it has a chapter on it.

Get usenti from the web.

Open up your image in it.

Go to Palette, then requantize.

Put "16".

Next, go back to FEditor Adv.

Then go to Tools, then Portrait Editor.

Go through the first index/s until you find the person whose face you which to replace.

Use Lyn for simplicity (if you are only seeing how this works).

Once you find Lyn's first portrait, click Load from file... and open up your Image File that you used usenti on.

The click save and go to Lyn's next portriat and do the same thing.

Continue through all of her portraits doing the same thing, and dont forget to save after each time.

Then go to File -> Save.

Now open up your FE ROM in VBA.

Lyn's face should now be the one you inserted!

If you have any problems, say so here, or on chat. =P

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