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Henry or Gaius


Henry or Gaius  

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  1. 1. Which one for Suzi's Husbando?

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So at first I wanted to start my FeMU run marrying Gaius. But I've heard so many good reasons as to why Henry is a good candidate. This is not an optimization question nor is it meant to cause a war. Not that I'd complain if it did. I will give the poll about three days from now and whoever gets the most votes will be my FeMU's husbando. Her name will be Suzi and she will be Sorin's cross dimension if-Sorin-was-a-female sister...type...person. Well Have fun!!! :awesome:

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No more.

Its not meant to be a war topic. Hence me not putting VS. in the title. Its meant to answer a question that I couldn't answer alone. Besides, maybe everybody will be able to accept each other's opinion. :dry: Yeah right.

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How many people have had Olivia as their avatar and icon on this forum?

Um...not many? Cordelia is much more popular as a waifu. But I've mistaked these guys because I kind of think they have/had her all around them. x)

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Vashi's obvious answer is obvious. Henry bias, gogogo.

Okay, so how about I actually list the pros and cons of each guy for you, huh?



  • Morgan starts out with a C-rank in tomes. Means instant Celica's Gale abuse. And Hex and Anathema.
  • Easy access to Vengeance/Tomebreaker or Slow Burn/Lifetaker... and if you like the idea of a mounted mage unit, Henry can pass Acrobat and watch Morgan tear through the forests with ease! [/winwin]
  • Henry has a positive modifier in Defense, Strength, Magic and Skill (1, 1, 1, and 2) and his speed modifier is 0.
  • The supports are pretty cute. My favorites are the B and S. Of course. And plus, cute confessional CG is cute.
  • Speed-screwage is fixable thanks to the Thief class. So your Morgan should end up a crit-master speed demon... unless you have a Speed flaw. I... don't recommend this.
  • ... Did I mention ADORABLE MINI-HENRY? :D


  • Stealing an available husband from Sumia, and missing out on the most viable Dark Flier!Cynthia. IS...! [/flips table]
  • Henry's got a negative modifier in Luck and Resistance (-2, -1).
  • That low Luck is going to hurt a bit unless Luck is your Avatar's asset or something. ... Which I kind of ALSO don't recommend.
  • Most of the best skills in Henry's arsenal are in his - and thus Morgan's - starting class, and Morgan can easily get those himself unless you really don't plan on making him a sorcerer/dark knight.
  • Henry's a pretty great father for Owain, Brady, Gerome (note that I may have gotten VERY lucky with my Henry!Gerome) and Cynthia, so you're taking him out of the gene pool for them.



  • C-rank in Swords get. Which means insta-Levin Sword/Killing Edge usage.
  • The curse of Gaius' finicky citrus-orange hair ISN'T A PROBLEM HERE. YAY! [/throws candy confetti]
  • Morgan starts out with the Locktouch AND Movement +1. Nice.
  • Easy access to Lethality/Pass or Lucky 7/Acrobat. Hint hint: Go with the latter first, far superior skills and they give Morgan a good head start on his way to greatness.
  • Gaius has a positive modifier in Strength, Skill, and Speed (1, 2 and 2), His Resistance modifier is 0.
  • Those supports, ohemgee. Granted, I love Henry to pieces, but his best supports are NOT with the Avatar. This one on the other hand, is all KINDS of adorable from C to S. Go crazy.


  • Stealing an available husband from Sumia, therefore ridding you of your speediest Vantage/Luna-tank Cynthia. [/rights table and flips it again] IS!
  • Gaius has a negative modifier in THREE categories: Magic, Luck and Defense (-1, -2 and -1).
  • Now you've got a bit of a problem. Unless your Asset/Flaw choices are covering Gaius' tracks you have two hurdles to jump in stats that you really don't want to hurdle in. Magic Weapons > Physical Weapons for the most part, and having low Defense is never a good thing. Low Resistance is workable. Low Defense? Not so much.
  • You're stealing Noire's best non-Avatar father from her, Kjelle's second best, and Nah's third best (although third is debatable, it's more of a tie between Gaius and Vaike). Also this means only one of either Kjelle, Noire or Nah can gain the Pegasus Knight tree and by proxy, Galeforce, from Donnel, IF you decide to use Donnel for one of them in the first place.
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I would say Henry because long white hair bias Henry is a hilarious character imo

But Gaius wins because his confession quote is one of the best, he's somewhat of a handyman and so cool and calm unless sugar is involved but that's his gimmick I suppose. His supports with Avatar is pretty cool too

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