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*Announced* Legend of Heroes (VI): Trails in the Sky SC


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Some two years ago, after much blood, sweat and tears, a little known localisation company, XSEED, released the story-driven JRPG, Legend of Heroes (VI): Trails in the Sky (FC)- the English form of the 6th Eiyuu Densetsu game and 1st Kiseki game, Eiyuu Densetsu VI: Sora no Kiseki FC by Falcom- on the PSP.

Due to the game's ending, (English speaking-only) fans of the game have had, what I can only imagine as, an excruciatingly painful wait for the 'answer'.

That wait, is finally over.

It has been announced that though the translating powers of Carpe Fulgur and editing of XSEED,

Legend of Heroes (VI): Trails in the Sky SC will be released for Steam and PSN download for the Vita in summer 2014, after the port of of Trails in the Sky (FC) to the same platform/systems this winter.


Sales of the games may increase possibility of translation for the newer Kiseki games, so if you're a fan, please support the games, and the two companies that will bring the games over!

[TL;DR]:Trails in the Sky SC! HYPE! :D:

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