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Good day!

Diddy Kong

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A good day to one and all who happens to read this.

This is Diddy Kong, same username I use on SmashBoards where I got a slight sort of fame of sorts. Been a Fire Emblem fan pretty much when everyone started becoming one, which is around FE7's release. Got my interesst in the series due to - guess what?- Smash Bros. are Marth and Roy in this game?. My favorite Nintendo series ever has to be Donkey Kong Country however. Hence the username and stuff.

Thanks to emulation I played many of the Fire Emblem games released. Most multiple times. Only yet have to finish 5. And never got to play FE1, FE2 or Awakening (as I own no 3DS, will be getting one when monies come back in again). Played a little FE3, but didn't got to finish it due to lack of interesst. Favorite game has to be Path of Radiance overall I think. Even though it's a hard choice. I also am one of the few that liked Radiant Dawn, despite it's flaws. Ike is also my favorite Lord, Marth being a close second.

So yeah, am quite a veteran in the series. And actually a long time lurker. Been visiting the mainsite for a couple of years now, and was always impressed by it's content.

For all those who know me from SmashBoards; sup y'all? Missed you fuckers.

Anyway, ask me anything I guess?

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