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Listen up, my people!


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My FE13 run hasn't died out just yet! I am experimenting with a backup to try to patchup areas that I missed on, and it won't let me run through post-game smoothly and that it didn't go according to plan.

Basically, Third Time's Charm.

Things that I am working on:

  • Leveling up Chrom, up-to-par with my team. As Walhart just so happens to be one of my Top 5 favorite characters, I don't really want to kill him off...I want to recruit him, but it turns out my Chrom in my logged run was only lvl 15 and probably wouldn't make it- Or barely would, if I give him all of my statboosters (1 Angelic Robe, 3 Energy Drops, 2 Dracoshields, a Secret Book and a Naga Tear).
  • N.O.W.I; I did terrible at training her, and I sort of have a better plan this time around. In my logged run, I've been deploying her on chapters to potshot enemies with Gregor so I can unlock Paralogue Nah...and that's just silly. Terrible planning of my part.
  • Liz!?¿?¡ There may be a chance for me to use Liz...and by "use" I mean as something more than a 3rd rate healer. I've gotten her decent Exp for her earlygame, even managing to shave two turns with my team setup. Who knows? Maybe I just might get LIBRA a decent partner...and Owain. Maybe.
  • Am I forgetting something?

Anyways, guys. Keep in mind that my goal is still to achieve the lowest turncounts I can manage with my current, semi-(un)reliable team. This goes past Ch.25 and all the way through post-game, including some DLCs. Thing is, I took a halt because I kind of got stuck at LB1 (the enemy distribution makes it sort of hard).


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Best of luck, although Nowi tends it to have pretty insane growths and should do just fine with enough levels.

And whoo, Lissa usage. :D

Libra/Lissa makes a pretty swell magic Owain, so if you want to go for it, go for it.

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I would like to make Owain a badass Astra-using War Monk. Hell yeah...an ideal inheritance skillset would be Relief from Peggie!Liz and Renewal from LIBRA. That would mean he could regain 50% HP after each Enemy Phase.

Also, something else I could fix are general mistakes, like early and impulsively re-classing Frederick (I re-classed him to Paladin so Panne could get enough Spd to double Walhart at Ch.19 with the boons of getting extra Atk/Hit/Avo.) and Yarne (I made him a Wyvern Rider too early...only to bench him and re-establish him chapters later, training along side Brady).

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Yeah, as of Paralogue 4; Anna, I'm already having trouble in her taking up an important deployment slot...and as for Rescue/Ward spamming (they're both halfway D-rank, and I could use an Arms Scroll on either of them), she's having competition with Maribelle, they're sort of on the same level at the moment.

It tends to be hard to find LIBRA and Anna partners since both of their best partners are The Avatar, Sully (in LIBRA's case...which I'm not using)- Thing is, Sumia kind of wants to be around my Avatar, since they're married at this point and her durability isn't the best as of yet, and it won't likely ever be.

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