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School of Hard NOCs (take 1) - always taking subs!


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"Wait. . .what have you done?!" The creator looked at her assistant with tear-filled eyes. Everything was perfect, before said assistant had spilled water all over the role PMs.

"Uhhh. . .oops?"

The creator sighed, before taking out her mystical toolkit and working on the now-ruined roles. Surely no one would notice the slight change?

[spoiler=Rules, semi-standard clipsey style]0. This game is NOC. This means all talking must be done in the game thread (unless I tell you otherwise). Deal with it.

1. Living people can talk to other players about the game in the game thread only. Dead people, follow rule 14. Information cannot be passed from the dead to the living.

2. Everyone will get a role PM with a name, some flavor, a role, and a win condition. You may state your name, and paraphrase your own role. POSTING FLAVOR, OR ASKING OTHERS FOR IT WILL END BADLY, SO DON'T EVEN THINK IT!

3. Don't screenshot.

4. This game begins on D1, so have fun~! No talking at night, unless I tell you otherwise.

5. A vote counts as ##(your choice of verb): (someone), with (your choice of verb) being "Vote" or something more creative, and (someone) being who you want to vote for. If you want to change your vote, you must ##Unvote first. Don't edit your posts; what I'll do to you will depend on what was edited.

6. The first time a lynch tie happens, no one is lynched. If it happens again, it's up to the RNG.

7. Each day phase will be roughly 72 hours, and each night phase will be roughly 24 hours. I'll post phase end times in both GMT and HST. Note that Hawaii does not observe DST. Unless I say something BEFORE PHASE END, the phase will end at the scheduled time, whether I am present or not. Phases may end early if a majority is reached during the day, or if I get all night actions in at night.

8. A lynch needs a minimum of one-third of the living players, rounded UP, to go through. If a majority (over half of the living players) occurs, the accused has until I get home to say stuff. I come home at the weirdest times. You have been warned. A No Lynch may happen ONCE if no one has enough votes to be lynched; the second time, it is a universal loss. The game is free to vote for No Lynch as many times as they want.

9. If at the end of any day phase, the number of people not voting at phase end exceeds the majority vote, OR the number of players not voting is one-third of the game, rounded down, I will modkill every single person who hasn't voted instead. Etrian Odyssey's D1 was bullshit, and I refuse to let that happen here.

10. If you have a night action, and do not want to do it, reply to your role PM with Night X - Idling.

11. Any items that would've been in the game were ruined by my idiot of an assistant. SORRY~!

12. Try to post at least once every 24 hours during the day phases. If you're going to be busy, and know beforehand, give me some warning. Prods happen at about the 24-hour mark; after that, it's up to my discretion.

13. Investigation results may not always be accurate. Cops are always sane.

14. If you end up dead, you get one last non-informative post. What you say is up to you.

15. Punishment for breaking the rules will range from nothing to modkills. If you feel that the risk of punishment is worth it, go for it, but be warned that things will probably not turn out the way you want it to.

16. If in doubt, follow your role PM, or whatever I tell you in reply to your role PM. Pay attention, or you might miss something important~! If your role PM contradicts the rules, FOLLOW YOUR ROLE PM.

17. If you have been modkilled, your win condition is "You win by being the last one alive".

18. If you ask a question, and I respond with "Tee-hee~!", it means you're not getting a straight answer until postgame. There is a reason for this. HOWEVER, if you want to know whether something will get you modkilled, I will most likely give you a straight answer. . .but don't ask me stupidly convoluted questions for the sake of getting on my nerves.

19. If I tell you to do something, and you don't listen, you probably aren't going to like what will happen next.

20. If you feel the need to complain about some aspect of the game before the game is over, please do so in your role PM. Dead players are free to bitch about whatever they want in their role PMs, and only their role PMs.

21. You're dead when you die, because I will be incinerating your corpses. My assistant really wants to join So You Think You Can Be A Necromancer?, and I do not approve of this.

22. If I can't figure out what you're trying to say in the game thread in under a minute, you'll have quite a bit of explaining to do.

23. Do not attempt to lynch/kill Yours Truly, no matter how tempting it may be.

24. The only players that can affect the game are on the player list.

25. No, you may not be an informed observer upon death.

26. Ignorance of the rules will probably make your punishment more harsh. The rules don't exist for my own reading pleasure.

27. Don't be a jerk. Don't get in the way of anyone else's enjoyment of the GAME. My goal is for the lot of you to have fun.

28. If I think of anything else, it'll go here.

This game is for fifteen people.


1. Scarlet/Raymond

2. Kaoz

3. BBM

4. Shinori

5. Haze

6. Paperblade

7. bearclaw/dragonfang

8. JB/Shatter

9. Prims

10. Poly/Mango Sentinel

11. SB

12. Radiant Dragon

13. Rajam

14. Frosty Fire Mage

15. Randa


1. Green Poet

2. Parrhesia


(rule edit as a reminder to self)

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