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Wondering about dragonstones

False Prophet

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Why haven't I recognized this sooner?

Corrin's dragonstone is given to him by Azura, right? So first, where did she get that? Or Kanna's stone?

And more importantly, if memory serves me right, isn't FE6 hinted that Dragonstone is a crystallized form of individual Manakete's unique power - a self (the process that Lilth and Anakos "heart" were born can be described as similar)? So does that make Corrin's power simply "borrowed", just like Tiki with any other dragonstone beside her divine one?

(However, In the video of chapter 5 released a few days ago, Aqua said "... This Dragonstone is attuned to you..." That may denies my above theory.)

Also, since this continent only has one type of Divine Dragon, so it doesn't matter that much? Then how did many dragonstones show up here? Does this mean this land was once roamed by a lot more Manakete than today?

Finally, a penny for the thought: If Manakete in this continent can not craft their own dragonstone, then in the case when all "natural" stone is lost and a "plague" similar to the one in Akenia (the same that infected Anakos) that makes all dragon goes mad, what will happen? Since there aren't none "pure" blooded Manakete any more beside Lilth after Anakos is killed, there maybe a silver chance that Corrin's descendant will have enough human blood to make them unable to transform, or at least keeping them sane (for a longer period of time).

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Try not to post the same thread twice. Sometimes the post loads, but it is posted. Try refreshing to prevent this. Dragon stones are said to control the users from what I know

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Dragonstones in this game can be bought from shops. It's likely that they are actually just a rare, yet natural and purchasable gem that a manakete can "attune" to themselves to allow better control of their dragon form.

Corrin and Kanna both transform naturally before they get a stone. All the Dragonstones do in Fates is allow the manakete better control.

It also makes sense that it's Azura who does it. Azura has the power to calm Corrin's dragon form, so a stone blessed by her gives the same effect.

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