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I think this Japanese Winnie The Pooh Baseball Game is indeed the Hardest Video Game Ever


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So here's how this works: You play as Pooh and you get a set number of pitches and you have to hit a set of Home Runs in each stage. Each stage has a different pitcher (all characters from the Pooh series) and gets progressively harder. You can also use the points you get from playing to upgrade your stats.

Sounds easy? Of course! This game will lead you into a false sense of security with its cute presentation and pleasant music, for then to slowly take away your sanity as you progress further and further. You may think you nailed the game down when you beat Eeyore and Hephelump, but then you reach Piglet, Kanga and Rabbit and nothing is the same anymore. And then you reach Owl and Tigger and the REAL game begins.

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its not hard, just takes practice via trial and error for each of the pitchers to find out their patterns... but why would i want to do that on a flash game?

there are other games that i want to spend time on then this.... so... thanks but no thx... but i did try it out... its not bad... just not my cup of tea

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