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Pokemon XD Nuzlocke


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I want to do a Nuzlocke of my favorite Pokémon game... However its Pokémon XD which is a pain to do a nuzlocke of but I made rules

1. every shadow Pokémon are in groups of 3 and I roll a dice for which one I get (for example Tediersa will be 1 and 4 Ledyba will be 2 and 5 and Poochyena is 3 and 6)

2. Run ends when I Catch and purify all Shadow pokemon however pokemon I cant use will be explained of having a snagball malfunction which stops them from opening

3. No buying items except for balls

4. Eevee's evolution is determined by a dice roll with 6 being my pick

5. if mirror B is on the radar I need to drop everything to find him

6. Pokémon that faint are dead even ones I kill from trainers and mirror B finds

7. Mount Battle is Optional

8. SO are Coliseum battles

9. Each of the poke spots count as an encounter

10 I won't trade togepi for elekid because don't want to deal with dupes clause

Wish me Luck (I'm going to need it)

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I think that this is probably going to be insanely hard tbh

It's a good idea, but Citadark Isle has a massive level jump which starts with Gorigan. There are also a ton of jerk moves like Gorigan's Earthquake/Protect, Lovrina's Statuses, and Shadow Half/Shadow End.

I also love XD though. This would be cool to watch.

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the main reason i'm doing it is for the challenge also i already rolled my shadows and got slightly unlucky i got Ledyba Spheal seedot spinarak voltorb duskull snorunt natu swinub seel nosepass beedrill Pidgeotto Magneton Hypno Raticate Farfetched banette rapidash hitmonchan scyther electabuzz snorlax Dugtrio and Lapras i didnt roll greevil's shadows or dragonite because too late and im not using Lugia My eevee was espeon

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You rolled a ton of terrible Pokemon. Ledyba instead of Teddiursa was really unlucky.

I would try Espeon, Shiftry, Dusclops, Electrode, Pidgeot, and Nosepass. Maybe Banette when you get there.

I would also say that you should allow yourself Potions. Otherwise you'd likely end up getting a lot of bad luck with your Pokemon.

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