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Let's play:Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within


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Let's play:Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within Part I: What a great start!!!


This screen is only a facade: This is a WHOLE NEW GAME, and you will see this right off the bat, so….


Let’s pick up new game, shall we?


As usual, our game start with the red wings reaching to Baron


And then, the game changes our view to this room, where this dark knight is slaking off…..Our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen’s!!!


How he can tell? Last time I check, that thing was MILES away from here, sir

*walks outside his room*

nrRhfmY.gifHey, Cecil!!!


nrRhfmY.gifAren’t you supposed to be with them while training?

d8O7siP.gifAren’t you supposed to be in your house along your daughter on your free day?



*walks inside the main room*

RPxWr5l.gifHey, Cecil!!!


RPxWr5l.gifWhy did you put Biggs and Wedge on charge? They almost struck the entire thing into a mountain…..several times…..


RPxWr5l.gifStop ignoring me, you jer-!!!

*goes straight to the main room*

vPgW5iS.gifHey, Cecil!!!

Ugh…they don’t know other phrases to start a talk? They remind me of CERTAIN sidekick who is annoying as all fuck….





d8O7siP.gifBut….you entire squadron is right now in a mission…

vPgW5iS.gifShut the fuck up: Baigan is searching for someone to do his fetching and I won’t be that one!!!

*run away*

d8O7siP.gifWell, better I just follow him before he found-



*inside the throne room*


d8O7siP.gifYes, your Majesty!!!!




QyvVmla.gifWe can use the peeka-boo?

d8O7siP.gifYes, you’re allowed to use that…..Now, let’s go!!!!


*Once inside Mysidia*


So let’s see: We have six soldiers with armor plates, helmets and swords along a Dark Knight and on the other side, we have an old hag, two white mages and a black mage…..and two of them are ten years old kids…….Things bodes well for our Mysidian fellows……


Well…..this certainly didn’t occur in the vanilla version…..


d8O7siP.gifI…..really don’t know, to be honest……maybe I’m doing something wrong…..I should just give it back and-




Heh….. that was funny…. Stop being a drama-queen and get up, Cecil….





d8O7siP.gifWhere….. I am?


So yes: We blew it up, and now we are in hell, funny isn’t? Wait to the next time to see our destiny.

See you soon!!!!

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Since I didn’t get to do a proper intro to the mod, I’m doing that shit now:

Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within: Part I: Welcome to hell, my friend.

“This romhack is a redesign of the original Final Fantasy IV game, focusing mostly on a revamped story and rebalanced gameplay. A lot of development time went into ensuring that the game was challenging and engaging to all playstyles.

This mod was created almost entirely using ff4kster (many thanks to Pinkpuff) with just a few tweaks done via hex editing. While this is not a difficulty hack, many aspects of the game require more thought on the player's part so overall there is a difficulty increase. The difficulty curve is fairly generous and gives even players new to Final Fantasy IV ample time to adjust.

With that said, my main objective was to create something fun! Enjoy!!”

Words from Rynzer: The one who make this LP possible


With that out of the way, I walk across this strange world, hoping to find some civilization.


In the meanwhile however, some enemies appear: Dark Imp can only attack and use critical to enhance his damage, he is as bland as you can expect for your first enemy in the game.


They do drop Cure1 (I will call them potions from now), which are nice since Cecil is right now in a solo mission


Speaking of Cecil: He’s overall the same as vanilla, even on the equipment department


I also took my time and change the battle speed/message: in terms of gameplay, FFIV is less forgiving than FFVI since you don’t get an ATB bar to see who goes next, and the enemies are WAY faster at dogpiling on you, so technically I just increase the difficulty quite a bit, so............yay for me I guess? confuoot.001.gif


Aardvark and Tortoise are the other things you’re gonna find aside of Dark Imp, and they also suck, so there’s that


They are good targets for showing off Dark Wave, however


Some walking later (you will probably get lost since people tends to go up), you will find our beloved Dwarf’s Castle-


Okay, whatever you say game emot-crossarms.gif


From what I can read, there are two kinds of dwarf demon here: total dicks and pushovers


Cecil gets to meet the owner on this place, who seizes the chance to make Cecil his personal slave. Clearly, our hero is smart enough to say GTFO, making the king angry and throwing at us the horrible truth:


emot-derp.gif“put dramatic music here”

Eh, by this point there are only two reactions to this: You’re paying attention to the dialogue and you can already guess this OR you only got one neuron and the synapsis is something out of your grasp (seriously, the dialogue is not that good until we get to the second act of the game)


Now who’s the cocky one, huh? emot-smuggo.gif


Even on hell, Cecil can’t get himself out of doing some fetch quests for an unknown king (Yes, he did knew Baron’s King as child and get raise at the castle in this alternate story, but he grow up along Kain and his family, so there’s that).


Ohh Karma, my old friend: What should I do without you? rolleyes.gif


Story-wise, Palom and Porom are the same: the cartoonish twins who are too cliché, because one of them is clearly more likeable and developed story wise than the other (Sorry Porom, I want to care about you, but you’re just like Navi…. emot-v.gif )



But gameplay wise, these two will be your life saviors until we meet a certain someone down here



Dungeons, Castles and Cities layouts are ALMOST like the original game (there are a few exceptions that I’m pointing out once they’re become relevant), so I’m just showing off the neat stuff I found in my way (if you want a full guide with all the items locations, just go to gamefaqs and use those guide to know all the hidden chests). Also, Namingway is there to change our names in every corner/city/planet like a proper stalker. If you want to make a suggestion for a new name, just say it.


This is so anti-natural (even more if you played vanilla recently…..)


This mod offers a very good improvement over final fantasy IV: Now the Fat Chocobo can be summoned at will without the use of Gestahl Grass in their spawn place (Hurray for that: that overgrow thing made me backtrack SO MANY times to buy that damnable thing emot-argh.gif). I suggest you store all the weapons and armors with special effects: this game can throw some shit at you without too much warning.


Also, here is the training room (which to be honest: is the worthless place in the entire world. You don’t even get an item out of this, I was hoping that there was an optional boss or something, but nope emot-colbert.gif)


Since the weapons/armor shop here are worthless, so I spend most of my money getting some sweet healing items: this mod take a heavy inclination towards status effects, so better grab some items to repel that (also, Cure2 will be called Hi-potion)


…….Bab-il? Also seems like Lugae is our first boss for the records


Finally to end this update, here is show off Twincast: both twins spend their turn and some MP to deal massive damage on enemies (sadly, one blizzard can make short work on them anyways). I also took my time and grind a little, so they can somewhat catch up Cecil (and even surpass him eventually: Dark Knight has a slow exp curve). See you soon when I arrive at that tower.

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