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Planned Pairings (All 3 Routes)


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This is entirely an aesthetic run, so none of these pairings were made with practicality in mind. I don't have my Hoshido or Revelations planned out yet, though. But I do know that in Revelations I'm going M!Corrin/Niles again. hes my bae.

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I don't necessarily have any optimization pairings done out, but here are my pairings for pure aesthetics and shipping for Revelations cause you now, canon shit.

M!Kamui x Azura

Kaze x Hinoka

Silas x Elise

Takumi x Oboro

Saizou x Kagerou

Asama x Effie

Hinata x Setsuna

Subaki x Luna

Tsukuyomi x Nyx

Nishiki x Charlotte

Xander x Mozu

Leo x Sakura

Lazwald x Hana

Niles x Camilla

Odin x Orochi

Arthur x Pieri

Benoit x Beruka

Flannel x Rinkah

Ryoma is forever alone since Crimson is his only love! And I am still debating on whether to pair Jakob with Felicia since I ship Jakob with Flora and it would just be wrong!

I do also have a planned file where I marry Niles as M!MU, which will be my first playthrough.

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This is for my revelations playthrough, not sure what i'll do for the other two yet. Some pairings are because i think they're cute, some for what i think will make the best child unit, but they all have their reasons

Harold X Kagerou

Leon X Sakura

Flannel X Charlotte

Benoit X Belkah

Zero X Setsuna

Nishiki X Aqua

Subaki X Luna (need that Luna Matoi support)

Asama X Effie

Hinata X Pieri

Lazward X Hana

Saizou X Felicia

Joker X Rinkah (Joker kinda got stuck with what I had left over)

Tsukuyomi X Nyx

Kaze X Mozume

Odin X Orochi

Silas X Oboro

Marx X Hinoka

Ryoma X Elise

Camilla X Takumi

M!Corrin X Velour (need dragon wolf babies)

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I don't know all of my shippings yet for each file I will have (9 because I don't do that whole 1 file per side thing)

All I know is my Mus & a couple I just like:

CaitlynxNishiki (IK)

Lucy(fer)xJakob (Nohr)

RobinxKaze (Hoshido)

ChasexAzura (IK)

KitoraxOdin (IK)

MockingjayxCyrus (Hoshido)

JayxHinoka!Kinu (Hoshido)

CurventxLuna!Velour (Nohr)

CharlesxKagerou!Ophelia (Nohr)

I also want to use




LazwardxPieri (I think that can happen?)

Nothing else really yet. I think most of them will just sort of end up together.

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There are a lot of characters that I don't really care about too much/ won't use/ haven't read their supports so I just have a few I like and want to do for each route.


F!MU x Niles

Xander x Charlotte

Kaze x Camilla


F!MU x Jakob or Saizou

Ryoma x Rinka or Kagerou

Hinata x Hinoka


F!MU x Saizou or Jakob

Ryoma x Camilla

Niles x Azura

Oh, and Elise and Sakura with no one.

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I have a few I like for support reasons... Though depending on localization I may well change my mind...






Jakob/Charlotte or Benoit/Charlotte, can't remember which I like...









Ryoma/Azura for those parallels



Tbh, I've liked a good deal of the same-sex crossover supports, but most of the S-supportable crossover supports, I haven't really liked.

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I'm actually not so sure about some of my pairings but maybe it will be like this:







The pairings with an "?" are the ones more probable to change...
And these were choice mostly because I liked the supports... Well, most of them, as I didn't read too much from the childrens and I chose most of them at random, but talking about the parents, yes, these are some ones that I like

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[spoiler=support based]


In which Kamui pretends he's also Ryouma, will be named Ryouma, bc im not a big bro gf stealer

[spoiler=Ryoumarx Hoshido edition]



[spoiler=support based]


Kamui will likely go with Asyura or something Marx aside most Nohrian dudes don't do it for me, or unpaired, I don't even care about Kanna or any of the gen2 except Siegbert and Siegbert gets enough good from Charlotte as is

[spoiler=Ryoumarx Nohr edition]


Still mostly ship based, some spares bc i took Marx and now everything fucks up might as well change things up


[spoiler=supports based]

With some sacrifices, this time.


I'll probably save up some child paralogues for Crimson or something, still gonna pretend to be Ryouma, it's the only route I can get him in some form with all 3 characters I ship him with \o/

Not sure about optimization based yet, that'll come later

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Corrin x Xander

Leo x Nyx

Niles x Camilla

Odin x Elise

Kaze x Mozu

Lazwald x Azura

Jakob x Pieri

Flannel x Charlotte

Benoit x Beruka

Silas x Selena

Arthur x Effie


Corrin x Shara/Jakob (still having a tough time on this one...)

Takumi x Oboro

Ryoma x Mozu

Subaki x Hinoka

Kaze x Sakura

Nishiki x Azura

Silas x Rinkah

Tsukuyomi x Orochi

Saizou x Kagerou

Hinata x Hana

Asama x Setsuna

Jakob x Felicia *if I decide to marry Shara*


Corrin x Xander

Ryoma x Azura

Leo x Hinoka

Takumi x Camilla

Odin x Elise

Tsukuyomi x Sakura

Subaki x Selena

Lazwald x Pieri

...that's pretty much it. I think I've got everything figured out.

--apart from Revelations, that is. There's so many units in that route that I haven't decided on all of the pairings.

Some of these probably won't make the best children, but I'm not really planning on using them anyway, save for a few.

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I was planning on just repeating the pairings I'd done for my various Hoshido/IK runs, but turns out that I really hate some pairings that I'd originally done. Now I have to rearrange shit. Uh, for my first English Hoshido run, though, I think it's going to be something like:





I don't know who male Kamui and Aqua are going to marry (other than that I'm not marrying Felicia, her stats are stinky).

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Subject to change as I learn more. I"m debating on which kids I"m gonna get so... it'll most likely change at some time. But for right now..



IK... still debating on it... all things considered. Heh...

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I'm actually going to have a little fun on my first playthroughs. I randomly generated these pairings for Birthright and Conquest. Some of the pairings the random number generator gave me were interesting especially in Conquest. For Revelations well I just want to pair everyone with someone from the opposite kingdom.

Birthright: Conquest: Revelations:

Nishiki x F!Kamui Odin x F!Kamui M!Kamui x Yuugiri

Jakob x Orochi Lazward x Camillia Jakob x Felicia

Asama x Mozume Zero x Elise Silas x Mozume

Tsukuyomi x Kazahana Flannel x Pieri Kaze x Aqua

Hinata x Oboro Belka x Kaze Ryouma x Elise

Tsubaki x Kagerou Silas x Luna Takumi x Camillia

Silas x Sakura Benoit x Effie Marx x Hinoka

Kaze x Rinkah Jakob x Charlotte Leo x Sakura

Takumi x Aqua Xander x Nyx Saizou x Belka

Saizou x Hinoka Leo x Felicia Hinata x Pieri

Ryouma x Setsuna Harold x Aqua Asama x Effie

Tsubaki x Luna

Nishiki x Charlotte

Tsukuyomi x Nyx

Lazward x Orochi

Odin x Kagerou

Zero x Oboro

Harold x Setsuna

Benoit x Rinkah

Flannel x Kazahana

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I feel like even though I know the characters a lot better that my planned pairings haven't really changed much from the last time there was a thread like this.

Also, I'll probably only play as FeMu, but who knows?

(all of these I haven't actually read or anything, I just feel like they'd be nice/fun/interesting)


FeMu x Silas, Jakob, Saizou, Hinata or Shara (lol, I can't decide)

Sakura x Tsukuyomi

Ryoma x Orochi

Oboro x Takumi

Azura x Nishiki

Hinoka x Kaze

Silas x Kagerou

Felicia x Subaki

Setsuna x Jakob

Rinkah x Asama

Hana x Saizou

and for the kids...

Midoriko x Kisaragi

Sophie x Hisame

Deere x Kinu

Shinonome x Matoi

Mitama x Grey or Shigure


FeMu x Silas, Jakob, or Niles (and I'll probably check out MaMu x Niles)

Elise x Silas

Flannel x Azura

Leo x Felicia

Benoit x Charlotte

Odin x Luna

Xander x Mozume

Effie x Harold

Camilla x Lazward

Niles x Nyx

Kaze x Belka

Jakob x Pieri

and for the kids...

Deere x Velour

Midoriko x Lutz

Siegbert x Ophelia

I'm still not sure about the rest...


FeMu x Silas, Jakob, Niles Hinata or Saizou

Xander x Hinoka

Ryoma x Camilla

Elise x Takumi

Sakura x Leo

Lazward x Azura

Oboro x Niles

Benoit x Rinkah

Flannel x Setsuna

Odin x Kagerou or Orochi

Effie x Asama

Tsukuyomi x Nyx

Luna x Subaki

Saizou x Charlotte

Nishiki x Pieri

Hana x Silas

Felicia x Hinata

Kaze x Mozume

and for the kids...

Siegbert x Matoi

Ignis x Kinu

Foleo x Kinu or Velour

Shinonome x Eponine

Midoriko x M!Kanna

Mitama x Shigure

Ophelia x Deere

Shara x Grey

None of these are definite though, really.

I also want to see all the A supports from opposite sides in Revelations.

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