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Europe gets Pokemon-themed 2DS and America gets Pokemon-themed N3DS with pre-installed R/B/Y


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Just announced:

Europe gets three variations of a 2DS, each with the respective Pokemon game pre-installed:


And America gets a N3DS with two face plates and both R/B pre-installed.


Via Serebii.net

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None of the Pokemon games listed on PEGI's homepage are higher rated then 7. Kinda funny how the first few games would come around to beat out all their predecessors made in the last 17 years.

While it's not much of a loss (seeing how the kids younger then 12 have better Pokemon games to play), it's still kinda frustrating to think that the rating might have been raised because of that stupid casino. In order to get the over 9000 coins that you need to buy Porygon, you either spend hours trying save scumming or you have to buy them for a ton of cash... 50$ at the time. But who knows, maybe cheating the casino is actually going to be fun with save states.

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Europe gets Pokemon-flavored toast! How cool is that?!

The U.S. deal sounds like a pretty cool one, but I already got a N3DS for Christmas when my old 3DS XL broke down. Oh well, I've never actually played the Pokemon series XD;

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