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Fire Emblem Fates N3DS XL & Bundle (+Birthright/Conquest) Live on Several Sites


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Seems like a rip when it's $80 extra and no Revelations. Odd that they wouldn't choose to do an all 3 digital package or something similar with the console itself. I guess they're trying to benefit off the desperation of people to get the system itself.

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Let me get this straight.

Gamestop Bundle with 2 physicals but no Revelations = $280

System bought separately, 1 physical and 2 digitals = $280


That's how like 95% of GameStop bundles are.

They exist like that to make transactions process faster, and speed up customer service

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So $200 for the system by itself, I managed to snag a preorder for the SE but I would like the new 3DS because I will need to buy the adapter anyway. I hope other stores will have it too, I have some gift cards for Amazon, so I hope they will have it as well.

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