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Is there a "Rate my deck" thread?


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I see the competitive discussion and meta game thread but that seems to be focused on japan play (obviously since it's not translated) , but would it be too much to have a "Rate my deck"?

I would like an opinion on my current build (I'm sure others too) and what's a good deck count minimum / maximum for draw potential (like how yugioh has the 40 card deck min but usual decks never exceed 45).

Hopefully this was posted in the right place. Thanks in advance.

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At first I read the second E as an I... and I was gonna be all "Oh boy, another fftf thread." God dammit.

I think I've seen this subject lightly show up on the reddit now and again but I haven't seen it here. If there was one, it'd probably be stickied, after all.

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I'd love to have more debate on stuff. Currently we just discuss builds during games on Lackey or on the Facebook group.

I'm not on social media or use that app you guys have for playing online.

That's why I asked. I hope the thread I started after this wasn't posted out of line btw.

Since I don't have access to the formally mentioned I figured I'd ask here.

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