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Fire Emblem: Sacrifice


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"Balmung, this way hurry!"
My heart was racing. This must be what it feels like to be hunted at night. The darkness accompanies our hunters, surrounding the two of us in their encroachment.
"Dammit, I didn't think they'd catch up to us so soon!" Grunted my prey buddy.
By they, he means the Empire's Lizard Runners. Crazy lot, using black magic for experimentation. In this case, a dragon horse hybrid and we have a small group of them right behind us.
"What kind of mad man comes up with those kinds of things?" I asked my companion.
"I don't even know, I'm just glad you got me out of there." He replied.
The guy running with me was Balmung, just as he explained, I helped him escape his confinement within Empire walls. He was a Manakete, a dragon in humanoid form. It's because he's a Manakete that we're in this situation but, that can't be helped.
"Keep the pursuit! They couldn't have gotten far!" Ordered a loud voice.
This is a lot to take in for someone like myself, but I've already come this far so what's there left to lose?
"Balmung let's jump down here!"
Both Balmung and I jumped down a small cliff. It was a bit steeper that I thought so we ended up crashing hard onto the ground. More of the wind knocked out of me than I thought, I had to hold down what could've surged from my bowels.
"You alright? We should keep moving." Explained Balmung. Taking a final gulp to ensure my innards stayed inside, I tapped his shoulder signaling to go.
We just kept on running, never mind our pursuers for a bit, I just hope we're going in a good direction.
"Hey Balmung, what are we going to do after this?" I asked, keeping my pace with him.
"Honestly, I don't even know. As far as I know the other Manakete must've sailed safely out of Glendios by now."
"How about you help any other stragglers that might still be out there? I'll even help you out?"
"Really? That'd be great! We can even help the other species as well!"
Balmung's face lit up, at least that's what I'm hoping happened. It was still pretty dark here, maybe it's affecting our pursuers as well.
"There's a river up ahead, let's take a break there." Balmung suggested.
Up ahead the moonlight was shining decently, it's shine bouncing off the river water. Balmung knee dived near the river side scooping up water with his hands to quench his thirst. Now that I think about it, he really sticks out in his ragged clothing. His long bluish green hair and dark brown skin only fortify my comment.
I felt around my back, thank all that is good, my prized weapons were still holstered behind me. I walked towards the river, scooping up it's cold delight into my mouth.
"To think you'd end up here of all places."
My intake of water stopped as my body froze up. Balmung knelt next to me trying to bring me back on my feet.
"Why? Why are you here? Sakit(saw-keet)!" I cried out.
"Wait, you mean the Empire's Lord of Pain Sakit?" Questioned Balmung, who began squeezing my arm.
Walking towards us from the opposite side of the river was a hulking suit of red armor lined with black markings, and a black cape. What was most intimidating was the dragon head helmet that covered his head.
"You're supposed to be out suppressing the rebels south of the Empire." I explained.
"That has already been taking care of, I was just out for a stroll before reporting back to the king. That's when I received a message telling me to prevent the escape of a Manakete and his accomplice. I never expected the accomplice to be you young-"
"STOP!" I cried out.
"What's wrong? Don't tell me this Manakete doesn't even know who you really are?" Sakit asked.
"What's he talking about?" Balmung asked, staring at me with doubtful eyes.
"I'm sorry Balmung, I wasn't trying to keep it a secret from you." I muttered back.
Sakit walked towards us, his metallic footsteps meshing with the rocks beneath his feet.
"So the Manakete doesn't know... My prince."
"Prince?" Balmung whispered.
"Balmung... I..." I stuttered.
Balmung backed away from me, his face covered in the shadow of his hair.
"I thought you were a worker or servant for the Empire."
Sakit finally made his first step in the river as he began laughing.
"To think his majesty's son was the accomplice all along. What a riot, but most importantly what a scandal!"
"Quiet human!" Balmung ordered, the atmosphere getting a bit heavy.
Grabbing me by the collar, Balmung punched me across the face and threw me into the river.
"Prince was it? Did you think you were doing me a favor by hiding your bloodline? Did you think I wouldn't speak with the son of the man who captured, experimented, and killed my brethren?" Balmung stepped into the river pacing towards me.
"Of course I was thinking that! Do you know what it feels like to be spoken to with my background? Everyone thinks of me as just a prince, or the king's son. Everyone was too afraid to speak to me normally because of my social standing!" I yelled out.
Standing up, it was my turn to grab Balmung by his clothes.
"But you were different! You spoke to me informally, and without regards to who I was. If I told you who I was, you would've treated me just like the others!" I knocked Balmung over into the river.
"Then you should've said something sooner!" Balmung retorted back, getting back up and grabbing my collar.
"How could I? I was afraid you'd stop talking to me. I was afraid of losing the first friend I made that didn't see me as a prince or my father's son!"
A sudden impact to my forehead made it's insides scream with pain. Going blank for a bit before regaining my senses I see Balmung's lightly bruised forehead.
"Damn fool! I'm a Manakete, we treat those who respect us with respect! Not to mention someone, some human, who would call our kin friend."
"Are you done? I must return your bodies to his majesty!" Sakit drew a scaly winged claymore from behind him and charged straight at us.
Luckily we were pretty lightly equipped so we could dodge his first strike easily.
"Do you like it prince? This wyrmslayer was outfitted to match my preferences. I call it wyrmcleaver." Sakit rose his blade in the air and struck down where we were standing. By luck this time we managed to dodge it again.
"Sakit! What did you just say earlier? You'll bring our bodies back to my father?" I questioned him angrily.
"You heard right prince. I have to bring back the specimen that ran away, and since you were the one who helped him escape you're considered a traitor. Ahahahaha" Sakit laughed, pointing his weapon at us.
"That's quite a statement Sakit. But in a way you're not wrong, I can't approve of the Empire's actions." I unholstered the weapons strapped to my back. They were a couple of short swords, a bit bent in the middle making a slight V-shaped curve.
"The prince's prized bladerangs? You honor me, I'll be sure to give those to your father along with your body!"
Sakit came at me, his intent to kill almost suffocating. I know I'm not strong enough to beat him, so I'll just have to make an opening for Balmung and I to escape through.
Swinging down his wyrmcleaver, I caught it in the bends between both my blades. The weight of both his swing and blade were overwhelming. I was being pushed down on one knee just trying to block it.
"Don't forget you're fighting two of us!" Balmung shouted.
A radiant green illuminated from where Balmung was standing. Following the light Balmung's features grew scaly, and his limbs grew in size. Spiked wings grew from his back and his face turned dragon like. By the end of his transformation a giant shadow eclipsed both Sakit and I.
"The Manakete was able to get his hands on one of the dragonstones we kept locked up. That wouldn't be your doing again, would it prince?" Sakit asked, thrusting his leg into my abdomen.
"What if it was?" I replied, wondering how he could kick me in that situation with all that armor on. Most of the wind was knocked out of me as I gasped for air.
"Then that'll add on to your crimes!"
Sakit switched his target to the towering bipedal brown dragon before us. Those arrow piercing golden eyes were enough to make any grown man run away. But the only thing on my mind, was how cool it was to witness such a thing.
Balmung threw his claw at Sakit who in turn parried the attack. Sparks flew with each hit that followed afterwards. I stood there watching for my chance to strike, for that one window of opportunity to show up.
"Foolish dragon, soon your kind will be nothing more than tools for us humans." Sakit taunted, fending off another blow.
"QUIET!" Balmung roared as he opened his mouth.
Within that oral opening, a furnace of fire burned fiercely. The air around me felt tense, forcing me to move away from Balmung's flame filled mouth.
"Good, show me what you got dragon!" Sakit raised his weapon above his head. Don't tell me he plans on slashing through that attack!
Bringing his head up a bit, Balmung shot out a breath of flame towards the Lord of Pain. The flames raged towards their target, only to be cut in half by Sakit's vertical slash.
It was really astounding to see someone cleave dragon fire in two, but it also gave me the opening I needed. I brought both my arms back and flung my bladerangs at from behind Sakit. The bladerangs crossed paths over one another before arching towards their destination.
I was aiming for Sakit's neck hoping to kill him, but alas as he was more battle hardy than me he nearly dodge my incoming blades. At that moment I ran towards Sakit and using him as a stepping stone, launched myself upwards.
"BALMUNG!" I cried out.
With a clear replying roar, Balmung swiped his claw at Sakit sending him flying off to the side. My bladerangs returned to my hands as I landed on Balmung's back.
"Hold on to something." The Manakete grunted as he ran in the opposite way of Sakit.
"Hey why didn't we do this before?"
"We were in a forest, there wouldn't be any space for me in this form."
After what felt like a few minutes, Balmung let me down and reverted back to his humanoid form. I wonder how he manages to get his clothes back after turning into that form?
"I think we're safe for now. Are you injured?" Balmung asked me.
We ended up at another river, this time, one that we both knew.
"So we ended up reaching the edge of the Empire anyways. What luck!" I cheered.
"All we gotta do is cross that bridge and we'll be in Eliwoodain territory." Mentioned Balmung.
"Ready to go friend?" I asked my companion.
"You know it pal." Balmung raised his fist at me. I looked hard at it trying to figure out what it meant.
"Stick your hand out just like mines." Balmung chuckled.
I brought up a fist near Balmung's, and he bumped them together as he chuckled again.
"That's called a fist bump, something my tribe picked up one day while conversing with humans." Balmung smiled eagerly.
Not sure why, but I felt all warm inside. We made our way towards the bridge, the running water underneath was pretty fast. But the bridge was sturdy, although you'd probably be swept up with the current if you fell off and into the water.
We crossed it in no time at all, I took one final look back at my home country. Even if I was only allowed to venture off to the forest near home, I've never been this far out. But I know this country has to change, and I feel something big is going to happen soon, with my homeland at the root of it all.
Hmm? What's this sharp pain coming from my back? I looked at Balmung who was staring at me all wide eyed.
"Hey...what's the matter friend?" I asked. Somehow it was getting a bit hard to breathe.
"Stay... me! Hey! Hero!" Balmung's voice was cutting off.
My back was feeling a bit wet, so I reached for the spot. Some of the water must've gotten on me, when I brought back my hand it was shaded with light patches of red. Looking behind me again there was a line of Lizard Runners, several of them pointing their arrows at us.
"So... That's... It... Balmung... Get out... Of here..." My strength was beginning to drain, so with the last bit I pushed Balmung forward also pushing myself off into the river.
All I could feel was cold and the busy water spiriting me away somewhere. I hope Balmung got away ok, otherwise all this would be for nothing.
"Hey... Think... Waking up."
What? Whose voice is that?
"Brianne get dad, tell him the guy we brought in is waking up."
"You got it Geo!"
The hurrying footsteps helped me open my eyes a little. It was still a bit blurry, but I could make out long black hair and green clothes.
"Hey are you wide awake now? My sister found you floating down the river just outside the village. I'm Geo by the way, what's your name?"
It was a girl's voice, nice and soothing actually. Trying to get up only brought me pain from my back. The girl named Geo put her hands on me trying to hold me down.
"Hey wait a minute, you're still injured! Just lie down alright?"
"Where am I?" I asked softly.
"You're in the Town of Beginnings."
"Come again?"
"The Town of Beginnings, we're right outside the kingdom of Hectora."
"Hectora? How the heck did I end up here?" I spurted out, writhing in pain trying to get up.
"Like I said, you were floating down the river with a broken arrow in your back. Geez, I told you to lie down, now lie down!" Geo pounded her fist into bedside table to my right. Literally right into it, her blow was so strong a portion caved in.
"Yes ma'am..." I answered quietly. Really, are all common folk and the like this strong and surprising?
Balmung... I hope he got to somewhere safe in Eliwoodain. I recalled our escape from up until I pushed myself off the bridge. Sakit's words echoed through my mind, I guess I really have gone traitor haven't I?
"So are you going to tell me your name now or not?" Geo demanded. Remembering the damage to the table she just made, I nodded my head.
"It's Hero, just Hero. I thank you and your family for saving me and treating my wounds." I gave a weak smile. I thought it best I use the same name I gave to Balmung when I first encountered him.
"Hero huh? That sounds more like a title, but you're welcome nonetheless." Geo gave me a reassuring smile as an older man in armor walked in.
"My daughter told me you were awake so I came by to check up on you." Said the older man. His armor seemed worn out, his hair was a bit long and grey.
"I'm the captain of town guard, you can call me Brock. But since you'll be working for your treatment, just captain is fine! Ahahaha" Giving a big hearty laugh, captain Brock took a seat at the foot of my bed.
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Keep writing, but keep reading. The more you see examples, the better your own will become. Everyone has to start somewhere, and early efforts are bound to be rocky. Don't let that stop you though.

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Thank you for the feedback, it's much greatly appreciated. I probably should've put more stuff into it haha... Eclipse, For the obligatory portion thank you for catching it. Now I remember why the name sounded so familiar, used to play the card game a lot myself plus it sounded cool too since it shares my name too. Balcerzak, thank you for your input as well. Guys I know I still have a lot to learn and for that I thank you guys again as well as the Admins and Mods who came up with the event. It just feels great to have my work read and criticized.

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