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Creating my own Fire Emblem Game



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  1. 1. May I? And if yes, would you be willing to keep up with it and maybe help me out?

    • You are allowed to, but I won't follow
    • You are allowed to, I'd love to see what kind of game you plan on making!
    • You are not allowed to.

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I've always been interested in creating my own fire emblem game, I was wondering if once it's all done, Or if i can upload my progress to Serenes, (it won't be a ROM hack, it will be just a completely separate game, unfortunately i lack any talent in programming, sprite designing, and anything whatsoever. So this will simply just remain as a concept game, unless Nintendo accepts FE submissions which I don't think they do)

Is it okay if I can? I'd love to share my ideas with you guys. I'm relatively new to Serenes. I wasn't really too much a fire emblem fanatic until Fates was getting really crazy. So I decided to get on a new forum site :D

I suppose I can start with a general gist of what my game is about. The name is called Fire Emblem - Crossing Bounds, as the name implies, four worlds have all been collided together by a dimensional rift caused by the antagonist of the game (which I will not say until permission to me is granted). Tellius, Elibe, Magvel and Ylisse. The main Character is your Avatar of course. Your avatar's goal along with the "Chrom" of my series Ryo is to unite the people of all four dimensions to stop the antagonists.

Long story short, it's a game where you have Eirika, Ephraim, Eliwood, Lyn, Hector, Ike, Soren, Mist, Ellincia, Chrom, Lissa, Frederick, blah blah blah blah blah all in one game :D.

I've been giving it a lot of thought and I think the game will be EXTREMELY long. like almost double the length of Radiant Dawn.

Speaking of which, the mechanics will be mainly based off of Radiant Dawn. (meaning third tier classes, laguz, shove, console canto, etc)

Also if by the gods some miracle stroke of luck comes upon me and this DOES become a thing. It will be a Wii-U game. with FE 10 graphics (or better).

Also the game will be pretty difficult XD. We're talking like, endgame chapters having all third tier enemy units (marshalls, trueblades, marksmans, etc). additionally there will be other cool objectives like Capture Points, Locate Something or Someone, Protect Target, Break the line in X turns, Defeat all forces in the bottom area of the map, Deliver a message (meaning escort mission), and so forth.

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I have quite a bit of experience with programming, particularly with Java, C#, Python, and a little bit of C++. I've always wanted to do a Fire Emblem style game, but sadly I only really have experience with programming different kinds of platformers, specifically Mario and Mega Man. That being said, RPGs in general are some of the most difficult games to program, with so many things to account for.

My lack of expertise in the genre, coupled with time constraints regarding university work kind of make it impossible for me to take on one of these projects. You seem to be passionate about this, and I do hope you the best of luck on this endeavor.

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I've been working with RPG Maker for a while now, but it doesn't quite have the FE feel or mechanics you may be looking for. HOWEVER! It is completely adaptable and you can mess with the coding to do whatever you want...provided you know what you're doing XD

I think that's a good place to at least start your concept to get other people on board. :) Not me though, I'm terrible at programming too

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The "villain" should be a council of Manfroy, Gharnef, Nergal, and Izuka (Does 13 have an ugly evil dark magic guy that pulls the strings?).

Gharnef, Judah, Manfroy, Zephiel, Nergal, Riev, Ashnard, Lekain, Eremiya, and Validar as the Council of 10.

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Gharnef, Judah, Manfroy, Zephiel, Nergal, Riev, Ashnard, Lekain, Eremiya, and Validar as the Council of 10.

idk about Zephiel, Ashnard, or Eremiya (Nor Validar, I assume he is a FE13 bad), but I can't believe I forgot Judah and Riev, Zephiel and Ashnard are both psycho kings, not really masterminds behind the events and Eremiya was just brainwashed by Gharnef if I recall right.

FE1/3/11/12 Gharnef

FE2 Judah

FE4/5 Manfroy

FE6 Jahn (He's a bit different, but he's the closest)

FE7 Nergal

FE8 Reiv

FE9/10 Izuka

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