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A Punny Conversation


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This happened a while ago and I took some pictures of our texting conversation. Not a big fan of awakening but we were playing it at the time so a lot of puns are about it.

The night before a test me and a friend had the greatest conversation ever...

Me: prepare yourself
Him: this test will get no sympathy from me
Me: I challenge my grade
Him: Any average can change
Me: pick a guide and study
Him: I fight for my grades
Me: it's time to study the textbooks
Him: now that's studying
Me: my writing hand twitches
Him: I would start studying if I was you
Me: for those I must study I cannot fail
Him: shall I make you... Study?
Me: Gregor study!
Him: study frosting!
Me: we should probably start actually studying now
Him: Pffft
Me: you're right. Study? Nah
Him: don't Sully my reputation for studying
Me: teach will vaike you study
Him: Should we Chromtinue this? Owain, nevermind.
Me: Lissa to me! The test is tomorrow so stop Robin me of my time!
Him: I don't need to study! Owain needs no aid!
Me: I'm so Donnel with this
Him: Brady we should stop then
Me: I think you're knight
Him: don't be so cavalier about it
Me: you don't nosferatu me
Him: stop stahling
Me: that's it. I'm levin this conversation
Him: steel yourself
Me: what did I just Say Ri?
Him: says in the textbook we rebelled because the British had some imposing axe
Me: well we are the home of the brave, and those weapons are very strong. No wonder we won.
Him: well we were the blue troops and they were red
Me: yeah, and we were defending from the forests
Him: too bad the British recruited Benedict Arnold
Me: his growths were low anyway
Him: ok we need to stop I'm only halfway through chapter 9
Me: you're right, these puns are dragon us down

Me: we just spent 45 minutes doing this
Him: Fire Emblem, not even once

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