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Nohrian Ch6 Script

Me/Corrin: I'm sorry, but we cannot battle for Hoshido.

Ryoma: Your betraying the person who even saved your life. Why would you side with those monsters?

Me: YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND. I must prove my loyalty to him and maybe he'll welcome me with open arms.

Corrin: I cannot betray those I knew all my life. I'm sorry!

Ryoma: Your doing this because he is the only family you have left.

ME: THAT'S RIGHT! This is the only way that we can be accepted and maybe someday, he'll welcome us with open arms. Now draw your sword, or walk away. Your choice!

Ryoma: You realized that he tried to kill yous three times already when even your mother saved your life from the sword.

ME: HE ONLY TRIED to kill us because we was showing disloyalty to him. THIS IS WHY THAT we are doing this now! To prove our worth. He's the only family that we have left. He is our dad.


Xandar: You've made the correct choice. Yous may be not related to us by blood, but we have raised you since the day that you were born.

ME: I'm sorry. I just cannot betray my companions. Xandar...are the rocks ready!

Xandar: Yes.

Corrin: Got to tell fathers side of the story.

Me: They are all I know. Now...THIS IS WHAT'S UP! *Raises fists in air*

Ryoma cuts us.

Me: Gah! YOUR A FOOL. So you choose to die? ATTACK!!!!

Corrin: Gah! Don't do this, Ryoma.

Ryoma: This is actually a blessing that your mother isn't seeing this now!

Me: ...*Sigh*

Corrin: Ryoma.

Xandar attacks and hits Ryoma and says

Xandar: Last warning! If you don't want to die here and now you will turn tail and vamoose.

Ryoma: Don't order me around unless Nohr wants to see a dead prince and princess today! I will awaken them from Garon's spell.

Me: I am not under his control. This is who I am...what I was meant to be!

Corrin: ...

Xandar: We are their true family.

Ryoma: I will not stand here and listen to your lies. Your heart only knows deceit and betrayal. Enough words. We will resolve this with arms.

Leo: Yous choose this of your own free will. We must report to King Garon at once that they've choosen to take up arms.

Camilla: We've done nothing wrong. Yous one of us. That is worth fighting for.

Elise: Don't worry. Everything's okay as I can heal yous if you get hurt.

Me: Thank you, Elise!

Corrin: :)

Ryoma: Soon you'll be shish kebab on my Raijin blade.

Takumi and Hinoka says to prepare for battle and that is it!

With Game Over Screen...


Corrin: *Cough* *Cough* It's over for me. Please. Save yourself.


Corrin dies

Me: I'll never forgive you! LAUNCH CATERPULTS FULL FORCE!!!!

*Shows a warlike face and after the first rock is launched then it shows Game Over screen*

End of Battle...

Corrin: Is the choice I've made right!

Me: Don't be a fool. There is no turning back now! This is our destiny. Maybe something good will come of all of this.

Corrin: What should we do.

Me: We have to report to King Garon immediately that they have choosen to take up arms, so well be more prepared for battle next time!

Corrin: Okay! Right!

Me: Right!

Azure: So this is what you choose. Goodbye!

Both: I'm sorry.

In the headquarters...

Both: Father! Were back!

Garon: Why did you come back? Your Hoshidos.

Me/Corrin: Father I...

Xandar: Father! They were only confused and scared especially when Ryoma took up arms and attacked us.

Me: Yes. I was trying to fight them off so they will not interfere any longer.

Corrin: Father. Please. You have to believe us.

Iago: They are traitors. They plan to overthrow you someday and claim the kingdom for themselves. Kill them now and end their hidden trechery.

Garon: This cannot go any longer. Kill them.

Both: Father...wait!

Xandar: FATHER. WAIT! They choose this of their own free will. They've even fought them without any hesitation or restraint. Their loyalty is real. Father. Please. Give them another chance.

Garon: Well...ask Anakos the decision.

*After awhile*

Garon: Anakos says that you must undergo a trial. You must battle the Ice tribe and keep them at bay.

Both: Okay.

Iago: They maybe spies that plan to overthrow you someday. Kill them now.

Garon: Your words are already heard. This is order from my master himself.

Both: Wonderful.

Garon: Wait. But there is more. You two must do it alone.

Me: Okay. Just wait. You'll be proud of us after this is over!

Corrin: Father.

I leaves.

Corrin: Well see you when we make our report of the good news. Goodbye.

After they leave.

Garon: *laughs* Soon they won't want to stay alive any longer. Serves you right, traitors of Nohr.

At the forest...

Me: It's dark in here.

Corrin: My dragonstone will light the way.

*Lights it and someone nearby catches up and smiles.*

Felicia: *Pant* *Pant*

Corrin: Felicia what are you doing here.

Me: Felicia.

Felicia: I... I... I'm sorry... I just couldn't bare to see you two going at it alone.

Me: It's okay. It doesn't look like we have a good chance without you.

Felicia: :)

Effie: We have come in secret from Xandar's order.

Elise: Yay! I can heal yous if yous gets hurt.

Me: My family!

Corrin: Thank you, Elise.

Battle starts...

To be continued...


Ch6 Hoshido

Corrin: I've made up my mind...I will battle for Hoshido.

Me: Likewise.

Xandar: Your betraying everyone you love. Why?

Me: Garon is a liar. He even tried to have us killed three times.

Corrin: That's right!

Xandar: It is true that we aren't related by blood, but we have raised yous since the day that you were born. Father will forgive yous. I just know it!

Corrin: That's not the case. I've made up my mind. We've witnessed enough of his destruction. He didn't care about any of the innocent lives that were involved.

Me: Corrin isn't wrong here. We have seen enough. Mother wouldn't sacrifice herself for us without a reason. Now out of our way! Were going to see our mother!

Corrin: Face it, Xandar! Garon is no longer human. He is pure unrestrained evil. Xandar. Please join us.

Xandar: Father?! Evil...How could you say that?

Corrin: Please. Join us and help us put and end to his cruelty.

Xandar cuts Corrin.

Xandar: That's my answer. Traitor!

Me: So this is what it's coming to...?! Well...let's just get this over with!

Xandar: SILENCE! Yous turned against our kingdom and your family. Yous betrayals will not be forgotten.

Hacks us down!

Me: Chh.

Corrin: Chh.

Xandar: They have brainwashed you. I will not rest until yous return to your senses.

Corrin: I'm afraid there is no going back.

Xandar: I will end this quickly.

Ryoma steps in to help!

Corrin: We can settle this peacefully.

Ryoma: We can't turn a blade away from the Martyr.

Xandar: Fiend. You dare to take them away.

Ryoma: Shut up and attack me if you DARE!

Xandar: Fascinating. I've been wanting to introduce you to me blade...Siegfried as it only craves blood! Troops. Prepare for battle.

Camilla: Shall we kill them? I'll cradle them right after they've taken a dirt nap.

Leo: Your coming with us. Understood.

Elise: Yay! We can take them back home.

Ryoma: They've made the correct choice. Troops. Take up arms.

Hinoka: Well protect you. They won't take yous two away from us ever again.

Sakura: I... I... won't let them hurt yous.

Me: Okay. But...be on the lookout for yourself...too.

After battle...

Going into the hut...

Azure: Sakura is tending the sick and injured. Let's go help her.

Both: Understood.

Inside the hut...

Sakura: Brother! Sister! Thank you for coming!

Both: Is everything ok? Were here to help.

Hana: Hello both. I've heard so many good things about yous from Princess Sakura.

Subaki: I'm Subaki. It's nice to meet yous!

Corrin: You know about us more than we know you.


Sakura: Garon has erased you memories. Poor things. You were his killing tools for a long time.

Both: ...

Sakura: It's okay. We'll be fast friends in no time at all. ;) Hana and Subaki are my retainers that will be of our assistance.

Corrin: We will have to relax and adapt within time.

Me: I miss mother.

Azure: Hey! We've got trouble.

Me: Probably someone that is trying to take us back to Nohr.

Corrin: We haven't been here in five minutes.

Sakura: Why can't they just leave us alone? There are no military personnel here. We'll be in trouble if they get in.

Me: That is why that were here.

Sakura: You'll help us?

Me: Yes.

Corrin: Yes.

Hana: My liege. We can handle this...

Subaki: I'm always ready. Stay and tend the wounded.

Sakura: *Giggle*

Corrin: Prepare for battle.

Hana: Of course! I am at your service!

On the battlefield...

Silas: Both of you. Do you remember me?

Corrin: We have nothing in common.

Me: ?

Silas: You honestly forgotten your mission. You were supposed to exterminate the Hoshidians in the capitol and report it to Garon. And...we were best friends since children.

Me: ?

Corrin: ?

Silas: Answer me. NOW! Why do you choose to side with Hoshido? Nohr has been your home since you were infants.

Me: Were not in that club anymore.

Corrin: We can't take it anymore. If you were smart...you someday will understand.

Silas: I am going to drag yous two back personally alive, or otherwise.

Battle starts

Engaging battle with Silas...

Silas: Garon was right. You two were going to betray him someday. Now all that is left to decide whether I drag you back or annialate you.

After battle...

Silas: You think that you've won. Sooner or later, Garon will get his wish.

Me: Silas.

Corrin: Silas. Please join us. You know that this is the right thing to do. Maybe this will get this to resolve peace.

Me: I agree. The Hoshidians did nothing wrong. Why should they suffer under jurisdiction of a madman?

Silas: I was under order from King Garon. But...if I go back now...he'll have me hanged for treason.

Both: So you'll join us?

Silas: Yes. :) I didn't know what came over me. First I was obident to his every command and now your words somehow freed me of mind.

Corrin: We broke the spell. Garon has been using us all along. He controlled us ever since we were babies.

Sakura: How very sad.

Both: ...*Ahh*

Sakura: What's the matter?

Both: I'm...tired. So very tired.

Sakura: Rest. Take tea. Get cleaned up.

Both: Okay.

Ends Ch 7.

To be continued...


Ch6 Revelations

Both: We've made up our minds. We will not fight for anyone.

Ryoma and Xandar: WHAT?

Both: Yes. Our minds are set. We've known one another as long as we can remember. But...if we side with ether of them...well just be doing the wrong thing when we don't have minds of our own and can't take up arms against our friends and family of Nohr. We can't fight for either of yous.

Xandar: Right. We have been friends and family for over a decade.

Ryoma: This cannot be. Your words are just discarding your loyalty to your mother.

Both: Maybe so...but we feel that there maybe another way to conflict to peace.

Ryoma and Xandar: What are we going to do then?

Both: Were sorry. Please set your swords aside. There maybe another peaceful solution.

Xandar: We've heard enough. What yous doing isn't going to accomplish anything.

Ryoma: They are finally back to their family. We won't let you take them from them from us.

Corrin: No wait! Xandar! Ryoma!

Me: It's hopeless. We must fight. As sometimes things are better settled with steel than with words as they are meaningless.

Xandar: Don't think we''ll let you take them without a fight.

Ryoma: Prepare yourself, then. I will defeat you in defense of my kingdom and my brother.

Corrin: Please. Both of you. Stop. We can talk this out of...

Xandar and Ryoma: Hiyaaaa!

Both: It's no use. We'll have to stop them with some conflict.

Azure: We can attack the ones up close. If we defeat their leaders, maybe they will listen to us.

Felicia arrives skipping merrily.

Felicia: ~Laa dee Dum Dee dum! Made it just in tiiiime!


Felicia: This is a fine time to be panicking. I spent all my time trying to figure out where you two went. *Cries*

Both: It's ok. You can help us if you want. Honestly. We can't do this without our assistance.

Felicia: *sniff* ;_; I live to serve.

After battle...

Azure: We can't go back. We have been branded traitor to both kingdoms.

Both: Yes. But...what'll we do?

Azure: We must choose now! We either fight for Nohr, or Hoshido.

Both: There is another way. We can choose not to side with anyone.

Azure: But...how?

Both: We have family in both kingdoms, right! Even if they were to despise us...we still won't choose to side with one and rebel against the other.

Azure: I suppose your right. My own mother lost her life protecting Nohr. But...she hasn't regretted her choice as what she did was right. I've made up my mind. I will follow your plan.

Both: Thank you.


Both: We lost Gunter here in this canyon.

Azure: Right. We'll have to jump down.

Both: WHAT?!


Felicia: If we jump down...we'll all die.

Azure: You won't die. You have to trust me.

Both: You'll tell us more.

Azure: Yes. Follow me.

*Leaps with faith off the cliff*

Both: *Gulp*

*Leaps down the cliff and we cling to each other meanwhile in the mysterious world*

Both and Felicia: *Unconscious as Azure kept shouting "Hello are you there" many times after 1hr later. Were am I?

Azure: You have been unconscious for one hour.

Both and Felicia: I can barely stand.

Azure: Yous will within time. This is the kingdom of Valla. Valla is responsible for the wars of Hoshido and Nohr.

Me: TELL ME! WHO ARE YOU! Your a descendant of Saint Heim/Narga aren't you?

Azure: I am actually princess of this world. That is all I can say for now.

Corrin: Then ask us this. Why have you kept this secret all along?

Azure: Because. I will die if I say anything about this place. Mother did this and she died.

Corrin: :(

Me: :(

Azure: Follow me. ...And I'll explain everything slowly. We must hurry, or well be spotted.

Both: Okay.

*Inside the cave*

Azure: As I was saying. Anakos has killed the former king here and took the throne for himself. It was terrible. He devestated our crops and rich farmland as it turned into deserts and wastelands.

Corrin: So he destroyed an entire kingdom all for himself?! For no reason at all?

Azure: Yes. He isn't finished with Valla yet. He soon will devastate Hoshido and Nohr as it has already started with their conflict. King Garon's invasion is all done by manipulativeness of Anakos himself.

Both: So. He isn't alive?

Azure: No. He has been dead for a long time before this war even started.

Corrin: That's terrible. If this is true...maybe we can stop Anakos by ending the conflict between the two nations.

Azure: But...it won't be easy. We've been branded traitor to both kingdoms now and we now cannot tell them about it or well dissolve and die.

Both: Understood. We must choose our own destiny and stop him ourselves.

Azure: Right. But...if the others finds us themselves and are willing to help...we well have a better chance.

Both: You mean we then won't dissolve and die.

Azure: Precisely. But...you need to prepare for my shoes when we absolutely have to keep this bottled up.

Both: Okay.

*Enemies sounds are made*

Both: What was that.

Azure: Oh. *Giggle* It is only risen. We are in their territory after all.

Both: We must fight and take up arms then.

Felicia: *Bows* I am at your service!

Azure: Tread slowly and carefully. There are warp traps about.

Both: Okay.

Felicia: AHHH! I'm scared of traps. But...I will not falter.

Me: Right. Your a lousy cook, but your a beast on the battlefield.

Felicia: *Giggle* Right let us proceed with caution.

Battle starts...the video ends before talking to Gunter. :(

To Be Continued....


Ch's 6&7 scripts

Stars with created character, me and Corrin. My choice is...Nohr. Because grew up with them, cannot abandon them and having to prove our loyalty to the king is strength beyond words.

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Why are you posting in medias res scripts for a game that hasn't been released yet in FFTF with seemingly no context

Because it's really important to ask people to make their in-game choice by providing them with none of the pre-choice context, but then provide the context of what happens immediately AFTER making the choice. For some reason. See Loki's post.

EDIT-Ayanami's posts are IMO probably the most instantly recognizable posts on SF. The main thing this one is lacking that they usually have are giant images, sometimes containing substantial spoilers, sometimes not actually contained in spoiler tags themselves.

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