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One good thing, one bad thing in every pokemon generation you've played


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So, I saw Jotari's Fire Emblem topic and thought a pokemon gen version of it should be interesting.

Gen 1

Like: It started it all. Kanto is an amazing place.

Dislike: wow I actually had trouble thinking about this one. I'm going to say no way to breed pokemon haha

Gen 2

Like: The starters. The Totodile and Cyndaquil lines are just fantastic.

Dislike: Johto has terrible balance. Few gen 2 pokemon are caughtable there, which is stupid.

Gen 3

Like: Hoenn. I absolutely love Hoenn. It's just a fantastic, diverse region. I could never get bored of gen3!Hoenn

Dislike: Okay, this is even harder than Gen 1's haha. I guess I'll go with how tedius EV training was.

Gen 4

Like: Physical/Special split

Dislike: IT'S SO SLOWWWW. Diamond/Pearl is the Path of Radiance of pokemon haha

Gen 5

Like: Dream World abilities changed the competitive game a lot. And for better.

Dislike: Unova is too linear.

Gen 6

Like: How many pokemon kalos had. It was amazing being able to choose between more than 400!

Dislike: I was hugely disappointed by ORAS and thought its version of Hoenn was soulless compared to RSE's

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Gen 1

Like: The one that started it all. Yellow for being able to get all of the starters.

Dislike: These games did not age well.

Gen 2

Like: Introduced dark and steel types, which contain some of my favorite mons.

Dislike: No safari zone.

Gen 3

Like: Hoenn has quite a few pokemon and characters that I like.

Dislike: All the damn water.

Gen 4

Like: New evolution methods.

Dislike: Mt. Coronet.

Gen 5

Like: Multiple use TMs.

Dislike: The last few gym leaders were kind of anticlimactic (I got the last 3 badges in like an hour and a half).

Gen 6

Like: Finally! A fire starter that's not Fire/Fighting! seriously, 3 straight gens is too many.

Dislike: I found XY's campaign boring and far too easy, even without the exp. share.

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gen 1- started the franchise Is awful

gen 2- split special in half made some pokemon worse due to the split

gen 3- introduced most of my favorite pokemon 7.8/10 too much tentacool

gen 4- ice type eevee where do I even start its too slow and overall boring

gen 5- ice cream!!!(yes really) Trash bag

gen 6- customization broken exp share

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Gen 1

Like- thanks for starting Pokemon I guess

Dislike- aged poorly, horrendous balance and some annoying glitches, not actually a huge fan of the majority of the original 151

Gen 2

Like- it's a good sequel in terms of expanding content

Dislike- hasn't aged as poorly as gen 1 but still hasn't aged well

Gen 3

Like- my first Pokemon games, I actually like all the water, Emerald's post game

Dislike- figuring out how to get the Regi trio is super awkward

Gen 4

Like- Dialga and Palkia, the Distortion World, Cynthia, Platinum's post game

Dislike- add me to the slow game hate train. It was a lot easier to ignore as a child but definitely hurts its replayability value these days

Gen 5-

Like- B/W's plot, the additions to competitive play, most of the new Pokemon, a fun main game in both B/W and B/W 2, and a great post game in B/W 2

E: oh yeah a dislike

Dislike- uh Kyurem is dumb. Kinda. Idk I'm really biased towards this gen

Gen 6

Like- Mega Evolution, the new starter types

Dislike- kinda boring main game in X/Y that's relatively easy even without the Exp Share, both X/Y and the Hoenn remakes lack a good post game and I have no idea why

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I'm just going to go by region and count remakes as part of the stuff.


Like: Some of the battle tracks are neat.

Don't like: Charizard is terribly overrated.



Don't Like: there aren't a lot of Gen II mons I like.


Like: Towns are really creative. Treehouses? A volcano crater? Also Wally

Don't like: There's more water than I would like, since surf routes are boring.


Like: Added a lot of cool evos for older Pokémon. Including my favorite Pokémon ever, Glaceon~! And forgive me bringing the Special manga into this, but the DP chapter is my favorite arc and Diamond is my favorite Dexholder.

Don't Like: Pt fixed this, but the regional dex was lacking. This is especially apparent when battling Flint.


Like: B2W2 had so many cool postgame things and stuff, while BW had a really cool plot. Also, B2W2 had some hilarious NPC nobodies.

Don't Like: Some PWT trainers were kinda weird. Looking at you, Wallace, the water type champ that can be easily sweeped with Volcarona.


Like: Team Flare Grunts were hilarious.

Dislike: There is so much time between the first two gyms.

As a bonus:

Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (Touhou fangame based on Pokémon that runs on its own engine):

Like: HM's are gone and replaced with key items, sprites are adorable, move relearning is easier, game tells you IV's

Don't Like: Plot is kinda silly. What was wrong with Spell Cards again?

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Gen 1

Like: uh its the beginning of the franchise?

Dislike: all the glitches. also psychic op

gen 2

Like: double the regions, double the excitement

Dislike: what am levels. also can't reliably get evolution stones until kanto

gen 3

Like: introduction to double battles and some of my favorite games in the series

dislike: fucking regi bullshit

gen 4

Like: physical special split and many pokemon got much needed evolutions

dislike: slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-

gen 5

like: the narrative, the refreshing site of a region full of completely new pokemon until postgame

dislike: half the region is locked off to you until postgame

gen 6

like: trainer customization

dislike: why the fuck is Granbull a fairy type

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Gen 1:

Like-Started the franchise

Dislike-How broken in can be (Like Crit is based on Speed WTF)

Gen 2 :

Like-two regions in one

Dislike-Silver (Such a big downgrade from Blue)

Gen 3:

Like-Everything (Except what I dislike)

Dislike-All the surfing

Gen 4:

Like-All the new evolutions were amazing

Dislike-How slow it was (Also the regional dex in Diamond and Pearl)

Gen 5:

Like-How in B&W, only new Unova pokemon were in the dex (It felt like it was kind of the first game in series yet it wasn't)

Dislike-How linear the map was

Gen 6:

Like-Custom trainers


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Don't Like: Pt fixed this, but the regional dex was lacking. This is especially apparent when battling Flint.

Yeah, that bugged me a lot. Why did they even bother with a fire type elite four without Magmortar?

Gen 1: I like Pikachu edition, don't otherwise really like the games

Gen 2: Double regions with tons of areas and dungeons to explore, but I didn't like the game's pacing

Gen 3: I love the music and the graphics, creative areas and Salamence is a favourite of mine. I wish the game didn't rely so much on HMs

Gen 4: I haven't played this game in a long time. I like the region, couldn't care less about the characters other than Cynthia

Gen 5: Kinda the exact opposite of gen 4 really. I didn't really find myself attached to any of the new Pokemon or features. I like the idea of having no previous gen Pokemon at the beginning, but most of them seemed rather uncreative, like mono elemental monkeys or garbage bags

Gen 6: Most streamlined features, rather lacking stuff to do outside multiplayer

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Gen 1: RAPIDASH. My favorite animal and my favorite type, man!

Gen 2: Lance. Lance is pretty cool.

Gen 3: Aggron is one of my favorite Pokemon.

Gen 4: Ugh, this one's hard to say, SO many great things! I guess I'll just say Sinnoh as a whole. :D

Gen 5: KELDEO. My current favorite Pokemon of all time. <3

Gen 6: Snowbelle City's music, omg. It should have a ballet performance done to it!

Oh, oops, forgot to list things I don't like.

Gen 1: The brokenness of Psychic types and Dragon types.

Gen 2: Lance's three Dragonite. >.>

Gen 3: Hoenn region as a whole.

Gen 4: The slow gameplay in Diamond and Pearl.

Gen 5: The linearity of the map. Unova is cool, but I wish the route you take through the region was a little less linear. It just didn't feel as exciting as going through Sinnoh because of the linearity.

Gen 6: Greninja.

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I only played up to Gen 4 (I know shame on me) but here we go:

Gen 1:

Good: The one that started it all, and probably the best set of pokémons for me.

Bad: Well really hard to hate something on Gen1 for me, but i have to go with the graphics, because honestly they didn't age well(Unless you count FR/LG)

Gen 2:

Good: It was a great game on itself, but backtracking to Kanto and facing your old character was definitely the best part, literally a manual on how to make a sequel.

Bad: My favorite Gen so hard to hate here too, but if you count crystal i don't like how nearly impossible it is to get all three legendary doges.

Gen 3:

Good: Beautiful design and GBA graphics, at the time i was just astonished by how amazing it looked. Also really well polished game.

Bad: Too much surfing.

Gen 4:

Good: All the amazing new evolutions.

Bad: Sloooooow

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Gen Numero Uno:

As odd as it may seem, the thing I remember most fondly was glitches. Learning how to get unlimited Rare Candies or finding MissingNo was exciting. I remember hearing about them from my friends and even reading about them in magazines. Bugs nowadays just aren't as fun. It's also amusing to think that such a jank game was the start such a huge childhood fad.

Honestly, the worst thing about the first gen was how tedious a lot of the interfaces were. Changing PC storage boxes comes to mind. I feel there's a lot of baggage that even the newer games still carry around with them. Pokemon could do themselves some good by sticking their fingers down their throats, if you catch my meaning.

Gen Numero Dos:

What I love the most about this generation was the overall feel of Johto. I'm a complete rural inbred, and I'm a sucker for the old timey theme of the place. The focus on folklore and legends was delightful.

It was frustrating how few of the gen two Pokemon were actually caught in Johto. Houndour? Steelix, Scizor? Larvitar? The early Pokemon were just so bland for the most part and arbitrary. Rattata's and Pidgey's again for example. I wish the second gen 'mon could've got a better billing in their own game.

Gen Numero Tres:

You know, looking back at it, I can't think of anything that really stood out to me. I guess it'd have to be the music. Unique themes of the team bosses and elite four. The wild and trainer battles are among my favourites.

Again, I can't think of anything terribly bad about the third gen either. I suppose that's the worst thing about it. It's lukewarm.

Gen Numero Quatro:

Discounting the existance of HG/SS, I think the fourth gen had the best Pokemon sprites. They were such a step about the previous generations in details and clarity. I was never a big fan of what they did in gen five, which were too pixelated. Animated Pokemon and trainer sprites, with excellent move effects to boot.

The Pokemon they introduced were mostly terrible. Beside a few exceptions, I can't stand them. The new evolution designs were mostly a step down in design from the originals. The starters for Diamond and Pearl are the worst in the series.

Gen Numero Cinco:

I seriously love a lot of the Pokemon they added in this generation. It was enough to convince me that Game Freak had plenty of ideas. 'Mons like Cinccino and Whimiscott are some of the cutest, while still being decent in battles. We also saw some awesome designs for bug types, like Volcarona, Accelgor, and Scolipede. It was nice to see that type getting some much needed love.

The user interface for Black and White is so ugly. It doesn't feel like it belongs in a Pokemon game at all.

Gen Numero - I actually failed Spanish GCSE - Seis:

In start contrast to gen two, I loved how varied the national Pokedex was for this game. Some of my favourites were missing, but it was small price for what felt like huge range.

The game was far too easy. With so many Pokemon to catch, you'd imagine they'd give the gym leaders more than three. The exp share trivalised any challenge. A challenge mode could've made this game amazing.

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Gen. I

Good: given: the start of Pokemon

Bad: 4Kids basically rewriting the entire first Pokemon movie

Gen. II

Good: Has both Johto and Kanto available for exploring

Bad: unforgiving difficulty curve, especially as most Pokemon in Gen. II are largely terrible or feel like Dex filler.

Gen. III

Good: EVs and IVs system

Bad: Getting event Pokemon (especially Jirachi or Chansey/Blissey knowing Wish) legally

Gen. IV

Good: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

Bad: very slow gameplay speed in the main series games ("Saving a lot of data...")

Gen. V

Good: fresh feel thanks to only new Pokemon in BW's story mode

Bad: Pokemon Best Wishes anime is terrible

Gen. VI

Good: Fairy-typing being added

Bad: boring poststory

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GEN 1:

Good: It started the series and Cubone/marowak are my fav pokemons of all time,thankfully they got way better in the other gens

Bad: Annoying Rival and unbalanced gameplay

GEN 2:

Good: Johto was a preety cool region and some of the pokemon were nice

Bad: Not too many pokemon, the need of adding a old region... which I dont get why

GEN 3:

Good: the pokemons... I kinda dont remenber much of this gen and the Mystery Dungeon game

Bad: too much water... 10/8

Gen 4:

Good:the mystery dungeon games again and the best pokemon remake ever,god I loved how your pokemon actually followed you

bad: the main game felt really slow

Gen 5:

Good: The pokemon and starters were awesome (Emboar fav starter and most underrated pokemon ever), the plot was interesting and the post game of BW2 was fantastic

Bad: Half of BW is linear

Gen 6:

Good: Fairy type pokemon, the best Mystery Dungeon game

bad: Mega evolutions, good idea but gave to pokemon that didnt need it... at least most of them, Dissapointing remake of gen 3

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I'm not really going to talk mechanics because lets be real here, the mechanics improved every generation.

Gen 1

Like: Everything. I mean I haven't gone back and played it but as a kid, I loved it all. xD

Dislike: Glitches. They scared the crap out of me. Oh and moving Pokemon between boxes and ALL THAT SAVING.

Gen 2

Like: The region and music. Being based off Kyoto, having Gion, and the Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji is like ADHFGJD. I can't even stress how important this is to me.

Dislike: Can't find a dislike. I think it may have been unbalanced but when I was a kid, I didn't play competitively or anything so I can't say.

Gen 3

Like: I never beat this one back in the day but I loved the music.

Dislike: No way to trade between gen 1 and 2.

Gen 4

Like: HGSS remakes were the best things ever. Oh and the maiko having a larger part of the story I just...I just

Dislike: MOUNTAINOUS REGION. I hate it because I always liked walking from one place to the next even after getting fly (to look at the pretty places and music). It wasn't fun to have to carry an HM slave just to traverse the mountains.

Gen 5

Like: The story, music, seasons, and theme (of growing up) because being in college, it really hit home

Dislike: Uhhh this is one of my favorite generations so It's hard to say...saving was slow af though.

Gen 6

Like: That music tho. Also gen 3 remakes were better than anticipated. Gen 3 always had a sad feeling to me and I never beat it originally but the music and the visuals still tugged at my heartstrings. I felt nostalgic somehow.

Dislike: Story was shit for X and Y.

Edit: Did I really list music for almost all of them? OTL

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Gen 1

Good: A great start to the series and Pokemon Stadium is so fun
Bad:Broken Psychic Types and OHKO moves

Gen 2:

Good: Introduces my favourite type (Steel),amazing legendaries soundtrack and best final boss
Bad: Kanto was such a cake walk and unfair for those who picked Chikarita

Gen 3:

Good: Awesome villain team and Gym leaders
Bad: Battle Frontier can be absolutely rigged.

Gen 4:

Good:Best region, the lore is interesting and awesome remakes
Bad: Too many mandatory HMs

Gen 5:

Good:Best story and a good variety of pokemon types available in the pokedex.

Bad: Water types aren't very good and the fact some pokemon that ere introduced take ages to evolve.

Gen 6:

Good: EV training, IV Breeding and competitive scene is easier to access and the mythology is sweet
Bad: Villain team are a bunch of idiots and ORAS was a bit underwhelming,

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Gen 1-

It started everything

The physic type was a gamebreaker

Gen 2-

Overall the pokemon in this region are some of the best.



The region introduced so many new pokemon

Surf, Surf, Surf, Surf all that godamn surfing


The lore, The pokemon and the story.

Way too many HM's


Removed necessary HM's

The story, the pokemon, the lore they where all boring


I always wanted to see my pokemon in full 3d
The game is easy. braindead easy. Why the hell does mega houndoom have one head?

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Gen 1:

+ : The glitches : Mainly pokemon above level 100 and Missingno. But RB's glitches are scary, weird and fascinating.
Also the time period, with the beginning of Internet and the Pokegods. And Mew. No pokémon would ever be as mythic as Mew was (well, except missingno...). If you didn't tried to move that damn truck by all means, you can't understand.

Pokémon always ahd been a social experience.

And then there was Yellow. Talking with Pikachu and the Team rocket theme ws the bomb.
- : What a broken mess. They clearly didn't test it properly. The graphism that barely ressembles their model in RGB...

Outside of nostalgia, no reason to play it anymore.

Gen 2 :

+ : Being able to return to Kanto and face Red. The game is far more playable, and less broken.

If HGSS wasn't so perfect, I could advise playing through this one.

It may have the 3rd best music overall (route 29 especially).

- : Being able to go back to Kanto is all well and good, but it was truly a barren wasteland, and they didn't really thought that thrugh.

Gen 3 :

+ : The music. Let me repeat this for good measure : The music in this game is so damn great. When I heard the rival battle music for the first time, I just let it play without touching anything on my GBA...

Thinking about t, it was what colored all my experience with such a great experience.

And Being able to go underwater was great too
The Battle Frontier was an interresting addition.

- : Well, too much water (including one of the worst route(s) in all pokemon game : Route 132 and 133.

And truly underwheming rivals (Including Wally. Such a waste for such an amazing music)

Gen 4 :

Hmm... That was is hard.

I'd love a remake to learn to love it.

+ : HGSS. Amongst my favourite game ever

I got my first PokéRus and Shiny there. And Lucario is still cool. But...

- : I... don't really have any clear grief against it. Well, maybe the music. After Gen 3, DPP could only disappoint, due to how different it is. Not necessarily bad, but probably the worst of all the Generatons (for DPP)

And.. it seemed too childish and I thought Pokémon was growing without me.

Having new Pokémon outside the main Pokédex was also incredibly stupid.

Gen 5 :

+ : A whole new generation, with brand new Pokémon. Gen V was everything needed to makes me come back to Pokémon.

Grat plot, N, challenge mode...

I'm petty sure I'll forget some points, because this game did a lot of things right.
Music may also be my second favourite of all. Village Bridge was amazing because of it. (and Emotion... Makes me cry everitime I hear it.)

- : Hugh. Hugh ruined what may have been my favourite Pokémon game otherwise. He's Whiny and annoying and so... puchable.

Why Challenge Mode was awesome, the way to obtain it was pretty stupid.

Gen 6 :

+ : Kalos, indeed. I would put shame to my great country if I didn't put it there.
Travelling in group with friends is nice, at least on paper.

Music was quite great I think.I didn't played through this game much actualy.

Mountinhg Pokémon was fun (Don't take this out of context please

- : Too damn easy. And the Multi Exp makes it even easier (a guy nearmy beat the whole game with a single pokémon, for Arceus' sake!).
What the hell, BW2 on Challenge Mode was the perfect difficulty mode., and showed you knew how to balance a game so what happened.

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Gen 1:

Like: The fact that it started everything

Dislike: The general lack of polish

Gen 2:

Like: Going back to Kanto was awesome. Also, this was the generation that made sure Pokemon was here to stay.

Dislike: Grinding in Kanto is a bitch, everything is too low leveled

Gen 3:

Like: The Battle Frontier

Dislike: Too damn many water HMs render my water type a cripple

Gen 4:

Like: The Physical Special Split earns the Blah the Prussian prize of the best thing since Monarchy

Dislike: The story was dumb

Gen 5:

Like: Best story by far of Pokemon. It was Pokemon Adventures level quality

Dislike: The most bare bones generation in terms of content since Gen 2

Gen 6:

Like: The Kalos Region is the most fun to be in, because it was designed around 3D.

Dislike: In both pairs of games, the postgame is terrible.

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Generation I

+ The game didn't treat you with kid gloves and expected some degree of finding your own path like a traditional RPG.

- Holy mother of unpolishness.

Generation II

+ A complementary game and story which offers the most badges so far.

- The sheer amount of strange design decisions makes this my least favorite generation of all. Why can you only catch a lot of the new pokémon at a low level after the Elite Four, including like the only new Fire types? Why do the Kanto gym leaders have such uneven levels, including lower than the Elite Four? Why is there such a lack of good moves and TM's in the game, making it hard for certain Pokémon to even get a viable moveset? Why are some Pokémon so weak that they're doomed to uselessness until they're buffed in later generations? Yanma, Magcargo, Sneasel and Delibird spring to mind. Speakning of which, why include baby Pokémon? Does anybody like them?

Generation III

+ Hoenn is beautiful and they added abilities.

- Too much water. Stupidest villains in the series.

Generation IV

+ Fixing what should've been there from the get-go: the physical/special split.

- Uneven pacing and boring story.

Generation V

+ Story.

- So many superfluous Pokémon while certain others were made to break the meta game. I don't have a lot to say since this is my least played generation.

Generation VI

+ Looks and plays incredibly.

- Was I supposed to care about anyone in the story? Because I don't.

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Gen 1: It not only started it all but the music for chiptune is really memorable

Unbalanced and haven't aged well

Gen 2: 2 regions at one game is massive

Team Rocket is now composed of bland admins

Gen 3: The most diverse one yet in enviroments and has the best starter roster

7.8/10 you know the rest

Gen 4 (the best one): Fantastic atmosphere

While it never bothered me, the games are quite slow

Gen 5: PWT

The first games were linear and the 2nd game had a disappointing champion

Gen 6: Wonder Trade and dem graphics

Piss easy and Team Flare is a bunch of degenerate and incompetent morons

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