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The Age of Decadence


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I stumbled on a review about this game by chance when it appeared on my feed, and since I finished reading I decided to give the demo a try. All I can say is, despite the bad interface and strange angles in an isometric world, it does great in any other aspect. I'm still milking the demo as much as I can (8+ hours of playing), satisfying myself until I grab enough money to buy it soon.

It's a RPG inspired a lot in the pen & paper games' style, with Choose Your Own Adventure elements that are extremely important to fitting a character in the world and not failing miserably on stat checks, and a great writing that gives life to the world and the characters. I've wanted a RPG like this for a long time.

What captivated me the most in this game is that there are many dialogue branches and many different ways to solve problems, which can be fully exploited by a character with the right stats. Also, differently from many other RPGs, combat is NOT advisable as the best way to solve problems - money is short, enemy characters are usually well equipped and in larger numbers, and it is the easiest way to get a game over.

Does anyone here have an opinion about the game?

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You should probably assume it is on PC (i386/amd64) when the platform isn't mentionned.

Steam page (With Steam's DRM)

GoG.com page (DRM-free version)

It's really, REALLY bad form to make the reader assume anything with this type of post. The first post is an informative one, so the reader should expect to see information about the game, including where to get it.

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Your review is missing something - which system is this game on?

Sorry, I completely forgot to mention the platform. By the way, my intention wasn't to make a review of the game, just comment on what I liked on it and see if there's anyone else willing to discuss about it (I really like to read and comment about games/series/movies that I liked). If I wanted to write a review, it'd be bigger and less improvised. =P

As far as I know, it's exclusive to the PC, made by an indie company. I think that fans of Choose Your Own Adventure (which I'll call CYOA from now on) styled games with a low "dark" fantasy world will appreciate the experience, even if the demo is lacking in the interface/camera department (not sure if the full version has the same issues).

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