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Help me find a low level playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles on nico nico


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So apparently there is a well-documented playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles that beats the game (final boss) at a ridiculously low level of 45. I didn't believe this when I first heard it, since mandatory EXP gains from locations/landmarks alone take you to level 57 or so, but apparently using some resetting glitch you can avoid this.

In any case, I would like to watch these videos, but my Japanese skills are pretty mediocre, and I can't seem to find the thing on nico nico. If someone here who is more proficient at Japanese can help me find these videos, I would very much appreciate it.

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Thanks! The first link seems to finish the game at level 59 though (the previous record), and the second one isn't finished (as far as I know), so I don't think these are the right playlists. I'll try taking those tags you listed and searching further.

EDIT: nvm, found it!

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