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[Revelations] Children characters


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Hi everyone, if you could help me, I want to make almost all children characters good units (not for my main/online team), if you are very interested in one of them tell me your opinions:)

Characters that doesn't have Buddy it's because I don't know right now, help me choosing one

Children in my main team

Hero Peri!Soleil Husband: M!Kamui(Samurai sec) Buddy: Mitama

Spear Master Camilla!Shiro Wife: Nina Buddy: Siegbert

Nine-tails Oboro!Selkie Husband: Asugi

Strategist Sakura!Forrest Wife:Rhajat Buddy: Shigure


Bulter Effie!Dwyer Wife: Velouria

Adventurer Setsuna!Nina Husband: Shiro

Dread Fighter Charlotte!Asugi Wife: Selkie (maybe like Gaius)

Weapon Master/Swordmaster Hana!Hisame Wife: Ophelia

General Rinkah!Ignatius Wife: Caeldori

Hoshido Noble Peri!Soleil!Kana Husband: Percy

Sniper Elise!Kisaragi Wife: Midori Buddy: Hisame

Wyvern Lord Kagero!Percy Wife: Kana

Dark Flier Selena!Caeldori Husband:Ignatius (Close to my Awakening Cordelia)

Great Merchant Felicia!Midori Husband: Kisaragi

Priestess Mozu!Mitama Husband: Shigure

Onmyoji Orochi!Ophelia Husband: Hisame

Kinshi Knight Silas!Shigure Wife: Mitama Buddy: Hisame

Paladin/Great Knight Hinoka!Siegbert Wife: Sophie

(the other class diferent to Siegbert) Azura!Sophie Husband: Siegbert

Sourcerer Nyx!Rhajat Husband: Forrest (yep I want a Tharja too)

Managarm Beruka!Velouria Husband: Dwyer

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I'm sure many people will come in and analyze these far more than I can, but the only glaring flaw I saw was with Elise!Kisaragi. Do you plan on making him the Shining Bow user? If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

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