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Hello Serenes!


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Hello Serenes! After looking around here for a while I decided I want to join the community. I'm a big fan of Fire Emblem, have been since first playing my older sister's copy of FE7 but my main video game passion is Pokemon. As you can see I think of the world of N Harmonia and Black and White, while not my favourite games in the series, has my favourite story in the series. My absolute favourite and what I consider to be GameFreak's magnum opus is Black's sequel, Black 2. I have five copies of that game! Four of which I got a good price for pre-owned because new games here are ridiculously expensive here.

Touya is my favourite Pokemon protagonist and I ship him hard with N just think he's so damn cool and he is followed by second favourite protagonist, PWT and Pokestar Studios superstar Nate! And N himself is just brilliant from start to finish, I just wish he got more screen-time in the sequel but that game is close to perfection for me as it is. Any more Touya, Nate or N fans here, or Unova in general? Unova has so many other characters I like too.

N's Castle rising out the ground and absolutely dwarfing the Pokemon League is one of my favourite moments in video games, immediately followed by two of my favourite music tracks in the series:

. They just fit the mood so perfectly and all in all my favourite ending to the main story in a Pokemon game. And then three superb showdowns, racing against time before Team Plasma's hackers can release all the Pokemon in everyone's PCs, taking that bastard Ghetsis down in the end and having a bittersweet farewell to N until he and Touya reunite after the end of BW2 and live happily ever after, who is at last free of his reprehensible "father's" toxic influence and able to finally live and enjoy his own life, battling and catching Zekrom/Reshiram, it was all so great.

N's Castle was an awesome place with a really aesthetically-pleasing design for me, and I've been trying to make a house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf based of the castle. Anyone else here really into Animal Crossing? I do love those games, they relax me after a bad day and I love doing the home design, gardening and adding QR designs/paths and PWPs.

As for Fire Emblem, Marth is my favourite lord, I just think he's very cool and has an amazing character design and a personality I really like. Ephraim is my second favourite, particularly for his unfortunately tragic friendship with my favourite FE antagonist, Lyon. Lyon is just superb, I found him really endearing: a physically frail character with an almost crippling inferiority complex but also a heart of gold and a deep love for his people, his father and his friends that sent him down a dark path in desperation to help the former two.

The flashbacks, the moments where he would fall entirely under Fomortiis's possession, or act as though he had, everything about him just made for a really compelling antagonist who I could barely stand having to kill in the end. Easily the best dark magic user in the series for me. It choked me up seeing Ephraim keep repeating that Lyon is his friend, and the sheer anger and hatred directed at the bastard who stole his and Eirika's dearest friend from them is a big part of the reason I like him so much as a character. He also did his best to find out any possible way to save Lyon, only resolving to bring him peace after the most reliable and knowledgeable source of information he had about the Demon King told him it was impossible. It wasn't just “kill Lyon and end the war” for him and Eirika, not at all. Ike would be proud of how hard he and Eirika fought for their friend.

Lyon's design is cool, his class and class “line” are one of my favourites, Naglfar is an awesome signature move and if a playable FE antagonist is considered for a future Smash game he is at the top of my list, easily (as Ephraim as a spear-wielding lord for the heroes' side).

I thought about posting the above in a thread here, but thought it would be a good idea to include it into my intro to give my opinion on my two of my favourite FE characters. Really excited for Fates (still waiting on that release date Nintendo -_-) and discussing it with people here. I also saw this template in the sticky and thought it would be helpful to use:

Online name: Cael for here.

Real name: Beau

DoB: July 9th

Favourite FE Game: Previously Sacred Stones, but Fates has blown me away and taken top spot! After those two, Path of Radiance is my next favourite.

Favourite Game (other than FE): Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Emerald, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Legend of Zelda: OoT3D, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Tales of Zestiria, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Hyrule Warriors, The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy XV, Rune Factory Frontier, Rune Factory 4, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, The Incredibles GameCube game.

Least Favourite game: Call of Duty and its ilk, I couldn't stand them at all, even if my brothers pretty much revere them.

Sports: Swimming, tennis, regular golf and mini golf.

Favourite music: Video game music, relaxing tropical/beach/rainforest tunes, opera.

Hobbies: Video games, watching anime, sports mentioned above, reading, home design, gardening (I'm HUGE on seeing beautiful gardens and when I move I hope to have enough space to create a expansive, spectacular one).

Hope to have fun here, see you all around! Please let me know if I made any grammar mistakes in that post that I missed, had to type it all up in a sleep haze before I forgot what I wanted to say. I have to have my posts grammatically perfect before I'm satisfied, haha.

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My favorite Pokemon game so far has to be Y. It was the first Pokemon game I owned myself and I played the heck out of it. It may not have the best story or Pokemon (Klefki? Really?) but I like it. And I have played just about every other game you've listed too :)

Greetings, Konnichiwa, Sup, etc. Welcome to the Viridian Forest and enjoy your time here!

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Hey there, N fan here (love villains-that-aren't-villains). Pokemon is definitely my favorite series, too sorry FE. My favorite game is probably Sapphire, but White is a close second. I loved that it was only the new pokemon, made it feel like a fresh start. I also loved the way things were switched up, N's castle one of the chief things among them. I'd better cut this off here, or I'll be typing all day. Welcome to Serenes, hope you enjoy yourself.

Please let me know if I made any grammar mistakes in that post that I missed, had to type it all up in a sleep haze before I forgot what I wanted to say. I have to have my posts grammatically perfect before I'm satisfied, haha.

I didn't see any. And don't worry, I'm the same way.

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Welcome to the forums, Cael!

I think Marth is a good lord but it's mainly because I feel like he's a really good representation of what ideal Hero characters in Japan were like back during the 1990's.

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