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If you could give a score on 100 to each Fire Emblem?


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shadow dragon: 60/100

FE2: 70/100

New mystery: 83/100

Genealogy: 92/100

Thracia: 90/100

Sealed sword: 72/100

Blazing sword: 80/100

path of radiance: 85/100

Radiant dawn: PERFECT 100

awakening: 95/100

Conquest: 93/100

birth right: 90/100

3rd route: 70/100

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Genealogy of the Holy War - 85/100

Sword of Seals - 75/100

Blazing Sword - 99/100

Sacred Stones - 85/100

Path of Radiance - 85/100

Radiant Dawn - 55/100

Shadow Dragon - 95/100

New Mystery of the Emblem - 80/100

Awakening - 85/100

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Path of Radiance - 90/100.

Characters were great. the story was interesting and didn't revert to the typical dragon/deity bad guy yet. It was just a powerful human with a large force behind him. Ashnard was one of the best villians in the series. Support system wasn't that good. While Shinon's split with Greil Mercenaries made sense, Gatrie's didn't other than "I do what Shinon does" and even then they aren't even recruited near the same time. Some map designs were more annoying than anything, like the bridge and it's plentyful holes for you to fall into.

Radiant Dawn 85/100

Support system, while slightly improved mechanically, still sucked. The story was good, but had some holes in it. While the endgame was fun and had an epic feeling to it, the final boss border lined on too much mechanics for a fight. Removing the Single Target blast would of made the fight 10x better. Some characters fall flat, and completely suck like Meg and Fiona. Not enough time to use the Dawn Brigade, making them feel secondary to the returning cast. The stupid bridge returns, and they manage to make it more annoying than last time.

Awakening. 70/100

Support system vastly improved story wise, but took a bit of a downgrade in terms of mechanics. I would of liked to see the 3 spaces away bonus still in. While most characters were interesting, a few were just really boring, like Miriel. Reclass system is good. Allows for the use of units that would otherwise be useless. Story has a good premise and concepts, but fails to deliver some of them. If the writing was planned out more and worked on longer it would of been one of the best in the series. Outside of Lucina the second gen is nothing but an after thought. Characters from second gen like Morgan should of had more relevance to the plot. While Pair up system is interesting, it makes the game too easy later on, and the skill jump between hard and lunatic is too much. Fates definitely improves upon this with enemy pair ups and not such a high skill jump. Too many broken abilities like Galeforce and Counter. The DLC maps were great additions, especially Future Past. Spotpass was a step in the right direction for multiplayer, and provides extra content.

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Scores are stupid but sure...

FE 4: 93

FE 6: 88

FE 7: 100

FE 8: 93

FE 9: 100

FE 10: 90

FE 11: 40

FE 12: 80

FE 13: 83

FE 14, 5, 1-3 not played yet.

Proper Fire Emblem Greatness Order (imo)

7 > 9 > 4 > 8 > 10 > 6 > 13 > 12 > Trash > 11

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Blazing Sword: 100/100

Sacred Stones: 97/100

Radiant Dawn: 85/100

Shadow Dragon: 87/100

Awakening: 95/100

I dunno how I'd rank the other games I've played. Binding Blade'd probably be up there with Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance would probably be up with Shadow Dragon, and Genealogy...I dunno, but I really like it.

Plus, it was hard converting my usual scoring method to a method of 0 to 100. My usual method is 1 to 10 with quarters (.00, .25, .50, .75), the same method as Game Informer.

So, with my usual method...

Blazing Sword: 10/10

Sacred Stones: 9.75/10

Radiant Dawn: 8.5/10

Shadow Dragon: 8.75/10

Awakening: 9.5/10

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Instead of writing words, I just marked them on various factors.

Game: Score
FE1: 50
FE2: 40
FE3: 47
FE4: 67
FE5: 72
FE6: 50
FE7: 62
FE8: 66
FE9: 57
FE10: 66
FE11: 52
FE12: 64
FE13: 60

                  FE1 FE2 FE3 FE4 FE5 FE6 FE7 FE8 FE9 FE0 FEJ FEQ FEK
Gameplay / 30      15  10  15  20  25  15  20  20  15  25  15  30  25
Plot / 20          10  10  10  10  15  10  15  15  20   5  10  10   0 
Characters /  10    5   5   5   7   7   5   5   7   5  10   5   5   5 
Interface /  10     0   0   0   5   5   5   7   7   5   7  10   7  10
Replay V /  10      5   5   5  10   5   5   5   5   5   7   7   7  10
Appearance /  10   10   5   5   5   5   5   5   5   7   7   0   0   5 
Music /  10         5   5   7  10  10   5   5   7   5   5   7   7   5 
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Note: The following ratings are purely my subjective experience of playing each title. Therefore it should be taken as gospel and any disagreements considered heresy.

FE1: 55 - A little too retro for my tastes, pretty clunky too

FE2: 60 - More of the same, a few neat ideas though

FE3: 75 - Improves over FE1, but the cut content and aging kinda cut the score

FE4: 85 - Personal favourite, interesting world and mechanics

FE5: 80 - Also pretty swag, but a few things make it a little tedious at times

FE6: 70 - A little rough around the edges but generally enjoyable

FE7: 75 - Generally FE6 but a little better

FE8: 65 - A good aesthetic but the gameplay was pretty lackluster

FE9: 80 - A little easy, but good all around, although EP takes forever

FE10: 35 - A chore to play, questionable plot and characters, along with gameplay

FE11: 65 - Barebones but the gameplay's there

FE12: 40 - Inclusion of an avatar is disappointing, as well as the entire assassin subplot

FE13: 45 - Too much animoo

FE14: -- - Haven't played but from what I've seen and heard, I have no intentions of doing so

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FE7: 100
FE8: 76
FE9: 65
FE13: 30

Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword had a great storyline and roster of characters. It was well translated. The Fire Emblem battle system is one of my favorites, so naturally the game-play was good. The secret chapters and Hector's storyline give it an extremely high replay value.

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones had an okay storyline. Many of the characters lacked depth, such as Vanessa, Moulder and Gilliam to name a few. If you compare them to Florina, Renault and Oswin from FE7, you can see how they did not have any direct impact on the story. The roster was too clique-ish. The branching class system was the highlight of this game for me. I also enjoyed the glitch where you can teach dark magic to spell-casters that do not normally learn it. Otherwise it was too short and even the villains were boring compared to the Black Fang.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance was pretty good. To be honest, I do not remember the experience very well. It must not have left much of an impact on me. Creating weapons was a lot of fun. I was not really impressed with the animations or the UI. The animations were 3D, but they were not very dynamic or exciting to watch...I think they tried to compensate with the camera effects. The jump from 2D to 3D was a bit of a disappointment for me. The dialogue scenes did not convey enough emotion, compared to the GBA era...but I guess the theatrical cut-scenes were okay. This game was kind of "empty" when you combine the dialogue scenes, the animations, the palette choices and the UI. I do not remember much of the story other than the Laguz and the Beorc not liking each other. Meh...

Fire Emblem: Awakening is one of the biggest disappointments I have ever seen. As a result, I am not buying Fates. I wish the weeaboo
/otaku influence was not so obvious. This game was written by young adults that have no real-life experience and the art was drawn by someone who is obsessed with hentai. When you change the class of a character, their signature palettes disappear and they all have the same boring blue models. Other features in this game were half-assed too, for example: recruiting characters from the older games who do not speak, do not even look like the characters they are supposed to represent and have a strange blue glow. The only thing that was good about this game was the battle system, the graphics for the tile-sets and map sprites. The level design was also sub-par compared to the GBA era.

I am currently playing some FE6, but have not completed it. I played some FE5 too, but that coliseum level is quite difficult. I might play them again. After doing this little review, I think I am inclined to play some FE6. I hope Fire Emblem gets a complete re-haul, they need a new director, a new character artist and an older, more experienced writer that can come up with a better war story. They should polish the current animations and add new ones...and they should start designing levels that are challenging in such a way that it does not rely solely on RNG.

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FE2 - 60%
FE4 - 80%
FE5 - 60%
FE6 - 35%
FE7 - 40%
FE8 - 85%
FE9 - 95%
FE10 - 78%
FE11 - 75%
FE12 - 95%
FE13 - 90%

Kind of hard for me to give percent grades instead of comparative scores, but. I ended up just kind of splitting my ranking list into tiers, I guess. Not 100% if I'd move the top down a bit overall, but yeah.

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FE6 - 90

FE12 - 90

FE5 - 80

FE11 - 80

FE13 - 80

FE3 - 60

FE4 - 60

FE8 - 60

FE9 - 60

FE7 - 50

FE10 - 20

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Genealogy of the Holy War - 85/100

Sword of Seals - 75/100

Blazing Sword - 99/100

Sacred Stones - 85/100

Path of Radiance - 85/100

Radiant Dawn - 55/100

Shadow Dragon - 95/100

New Mystery of the Emblem - 80/100

Awakening - 85/100

Okay, updating because I just beat Conquest:

Fates: Conquest - 95/100


Fates: Birthright - 85/100

Good, but not quite as good as Conquest.

Fates: Revelation - 80/100

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