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A new member has arrived!

Sooo - Hi, I'm Crushie.

Fire Emblem Fan since first playing Awakening, then played FE7, then FE4 and fell in love. Now I nearly got through every game besides Radiant Dawn (good god the cheapest version I could find online was over 100€... and that's really harsh).

Besides Fire Emblem I play... well anything really. One of my favourite Franchises however are: Project Zero (or Fatal Frame), Zelda, Sonic (just the old games) and many more I'm forgetting at the moment. Oh yeah and I really love Ni No Kuni, which probably relates to me loving Studio Ghibli.

As for TV-Series or genres I like watching - I'm a sucker for Horror and cute kid-friendly Fantasy (wow this sounds conflicting). I'm also quite fond of Japanese culture (so it's a given my favourite Horror movie is Ringu) and Anime (I watched most of the really popular ones like FMA or Cowboy Bebop but also love some more obscure ones^^).

My hobbies are:

+ painting/drawing/being creative/etc. and I hope to soon show some Fanart! ^^ (well after I'm done with tests at school... -.-)

+ swimming

+ reading

+ .... sleeping :D

Also I'm from Germany, so if you notice any big grammatical errors please bear with me :Nino:

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