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Been having some chapter 5 difficulty on Lunatic


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Yo, just wondering if I can get any advice. I was unable to get the concoction and whatever the other item from Sakura is if there's one on Chapter 4 and my Kamui is currently level 6 +Str -Luck. I was also unable to get a level in on Kaze and Rinka in chapter 4. Here's my stats right now in Dragon Mode

Str: 31

Mag: 22

Skill: 27

Spd: 20

Lck: 21

Def: 23

Res: 13

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Kamui will only get 1 experience for kills other than the boss. You will have to take advantage of shuriken debuffs or pair rinka for the Str boosts to attack at range. Only use Kamui if someone will die on enemy phase.

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Yeah, thought that might be necessary. Was hoping to give Rinka some exp. Oh well. I'm not able to double with Kaze against the Myrmidons though since mine is a level under yours. I'll work something out I suppose.


Okay problem solved, just needed some REALLY careful positioning and RNG working with me to have Kaze avoiding the mage attacks.

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