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Best Class/Skills for units? {Conquest}

Geese Howard!

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Hi everyone! I am a bit of a scrub when it comes to understanding stats but I would like to learn. I am trying to build a nice optimized build for each unit and understand which unit needs to be re classed asap to make them of better use. Now I do understand that this is a bit of a loaded question because its really all about preference and others have a tier list of who is good/bad. So with that said who is your favorite unit(s) with what class/skills for end game. Throw out some ideas i'm sure it will help others!

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People will tell you to Reclass Camilla to Wyvern Lord ASAP, but I'd suggest sticking it out in Malig until Lv.15 for the skill Trample. It adds +5 damage to units without mounts, which is every Hoshidan unit but Sky Knights and maybe Mechanists.

I somehow like Camilla growths as Rev more~ They're better all-rounded up imo.

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