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  1. 1. Should I promote Saizo to DF now or get his skills first?

    • Promote him to Dread Fighter now and purchase his skills.
    • Promote him to Mechanist or Master Ninja and get the skills you want, then promote him to Dread Fighter.

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I have decided to use Saizo in my Birthright playthrough(s), and I need some advise.

I have not chosen anyone to be a Dread Fighter yet with my two Dread Fighter Seals (I got both of them from the Path Bonus) so that isn't the problem. The problem is that I don't know if I want to promote Saizo to get Master Ninja (Both skills) and Mechanist (Replicate) Skills. Should I just wait for Saizo to go to both classes and get both skills, or should I make him a Dread Fighter right now and try and find a player with Saizo who has either skills?

Also, if I should purchase skills, feel free to suggest anyone who I can buy the skills from.

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Promoting him to Dread Fighter early in my experience always works out the best for his growths. He can become a real powerhouse. I would promote him ASAP and find somewhere to buy the skills (unfortunately don't have the game so can't recommend anything) or Heart Seal him over later on then level up a few times to grab the skills before changing back.

Just go with what feels more natural for you, but in my experience the Saizo who I changed to Dread Fighter earlier on was far superior to the Saizo I changed later on. Whichever path you choose, I suggest grabbing Astra for him too since his proc rate isn't great for Lethality.

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It depends on if you want to use him all the way through late/end game or just for early/mid game. If you aren't planning on using him late or are phasing him out in favor of his son, switch to DF immediately. However, while DF and Master Ninja have the same base Spd, Ninja and Master Ninja have a lead on Spd with 5% more growth. It may seem trivial, but that's 5% x 13-23 depending on how long you keep him as a Ninja/MN. Yeah, you can go DF for more power, but wait until that boost in Spd kicks in.

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