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If FE7 characters had crit quotes.

Rend Keaven

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Seeing your units landing a critical hit is always great, especially how epic the animations are.

I'm not sure if this has already been a topic recently but if characters in Blazing Sword did had quotes wither its text or voice acted in a future remake (not saying it needs one). What are the ones you would hear if the game had these quotes for these characters.

I only have a few that I thought up for some units and they could be better but maybe you can give them or other characters better quotes.

Sain: "Time to impress the ladies!" Farina: "I hope you have insurance!" Lucius: "Elimine, hear my prayer."

Florina: "You will not harm Lyn!" Rebecca: "Concentrate..." Karel: "Savor your last breath of air!" Raven:"Not even close..."

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Lyn: "I cannot tell a lie - you're finished!" Only because of the Abe Lincoln memes that would result

Sain: "Are you watching, ladies?"

Kent: "On the honour of Caelin!"

Florina: "U-um, here I go..."

Wil: "Watch this! One shot!"

Dorcas: "...One step closer."

Serra: "Ugh, I'm so sick of you!"

Erk: "Time for a lesson."

Rath: "...Die."

Lucius: "By St. Elmine's righteous hand..."

Hector: "I'll cleave you in two!"

Jaffar: "...You're already dead..."

Raven: "So be it."

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Wow, some really goods one we have here!

Also thought of more in my spare time:

Legault: "Guess we'll play the hard way." Pent: "You're no match for Athos!" Marcus: "You lack honor!"

Lowen: "Now for the main course!" Priscilla: "It didn't had to be this way!" Dorcas: "What a waste of time."

Vaida:"You can't run from me!" Hawkeye: "Begone!" Fiora:"I cannot fail!"

Farina:"I'm getting a raise for this, right?" Renault: "I pity your existence!" Oswin: "When will you learn?"

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Jaffar: .........

Nino: Senpai Mother, notice me...

Karel: Frostmourne My blade hungers...

Erk: My magic will tear you apart!

Legault: I will rock you like a Hurricane

Lucius: Please Tumblr, leave me be!

Serra: Like, I found this, like, powerful tome and stuff!


Eliwood: I wish I was in SSB instead of my useless son

Lyn: Take this 6 damage crit!

Canas: I'll show you why I slay Dragons for a living

Athos: Why am I still alive

Bartre: Dorcas sucks

Dorcas: Bartre sucks

Dart: Bartre and Dorcas sucks

Rebecca: Can't touch this!

Guy: I'm useless

Florina: I love dropping AS on the simplest of weapons

Fiora: I love dropping AS on the simplest of weapons. At least I'm best girl.

Farina: I'm the only useful sister.

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Sain- Time to show the ladies

Canas- That's the fruit of my studies

Hector-Do you dare to stand against?!

Legault-Time to sleep... Forever

Athos-Wisdom of ages

Rebecca-This is for you brother

Karel-Taste the hunger of my demonic blade

Guy-I will be the best swordmaster alive

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