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What do I do with my money before chapter 10 Conquest Hard?

Lucina's Husband

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After an ill-fated Lunatic Classic run left me completely stuck at Chapter 8, I changed my game settings to Hard and plowed ahead, enjoying myself after a stressful set of chapters.

Corrin is a Level 13 Nohr Prince with a Strength Asset and Luck Flaw (C Rank Sword, D-Rank Dragonstone)

Azura is a Level 20 Songstress who I plan to marry to Corrin

Felicia is a Level 8 Maid with three uses of Heal elft

Elise is a Level 8 Troubadaur with three uses of Heal left and three uses of Freeze left.

Silas is a Level 9 Cavalier (with three exp to level 10)

Arthur is a Level 8 Fighter

Effie is a Level 10 Knight

Niles is Level 9 Outlaw (almost at 10)

Nyx and Odin haven't had any experience points pumped into them,

I have 16,000 gold, Rescue, and a heart seal. I have not yet completed Mozu's paralogue? What kind of prep do I need for the upcoming Chapter 10? Who should be at which level and which weapons/staves should I buy?

Keep in mind, I am planning to use next chapter to feed Selena as much as possible.... if possible.

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You should buy:

1. More Heal staves.

2. A Javelin for Effie.

3. Hand Axe for Beruka, or you can just give Arthur's Hand Axe to her.

4. Some tonics. Maybe you need to play chapter 10 for several times to know what tonics do you need.

What you can get from Mozu's paralogue:

1. Train Silas' lance rank to D so he can use Iron Lance.

2. Niles gets Mov+1 at lv10.

3. Some other level-ups. Corrin is not going to gain EXP so don't use him to fight.

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