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Boon and Bane Question


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Ive confirmed that my boon and bane are the following strong and fragile. I checked the branch of fates but my stats are really wonky.

Corrins Stats as a Nohr Prince: 25 str, 10 mag, 20 skill, 16 spd, 16 lck, 17 def, 7 res he is level 20 and I gave him 2 stats boosters(1 for res 1 for def to see if it would cap, these stats are with no weapons equipped). Im just kinda irked bc I wanted to make an op Kanna and def is the least valued late game. Is there another way of checking the boon and bane besides branch of fates.

Did I just get really luck for my def growths and unlucky for my res growths?

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Nohr Prince caps are

HP 40 / Str 23 / Mag 17 / Skl 19 / Spd 21 / Lck 22 / Def 21 / Res 19

With Strong and Fragile they would be

HP 40 / Str 27 / Mag 17 / Skl 21 / Spd 21 / Lck 21 / Def 20 / Res 18

Luck happens with Growth I took Magic as my Boon and my Str is well higher than my Magic atm, the Def booster you gave him put your Corrin at 19 Def which isn't his cap with your asset and flaw you probably failed to account that the Str Boon increases Defense by 2 so taking the Def Bane only actually reduces your Defense cap by 1. You prolly have what you thought you had, but just miscalculated the caps since it seems like you expect your Defense to cap at 18 due to the - 3 Def from the Def Bane modifier.

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