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Dragon Age: Inquisition


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As you can probably guess from my avatar and signature, I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition lately. I bought on the PSN Store as it was on sale a week or so ago and it's been the RPG that has been occupying me while people wait for Fates' European release, so I decided to make a topic about this game.

This was my first time playing a Dragon Age game and I went into this game 99% blind, so I was confused on a few terms used by characters but I was saved thanks to Google (Although I think even if I played the previous Dragon Age games I would still be rather confused with the whole Court/Fancy Party chapter).

I used a randomizer to choose my gender and race, and I got a Qunari Male, although I chose to be a Mage, as I am a Mage at heart when it comes to Fantasy RPGs.

When it comes to gameplay, my dream team is Sera for ranged damage/utility, Iron Bull as physical tank and Vivienne as magic user. I do like the fact that characters level up even if they're not in the party. I'm used to RPGs where you have to choose a few party members and stick to them for the rest of the game. (If I can upload PS4 screenshots I'll probably upload people's stats)

[spoiler=Dream Team's Stats][spoiler=Protagonist ]6MIrZMj.jpg

[spoiler=Iron Bull]Mre5iKU.jpg



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