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Rate my Conquest, Birthright, Revelation team


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Xander x Azura
Odin x Nyx
Niles x Camila
Leo x Felicia
Laslow x Peri
Kaze x Mozume
Silas x Elise
Keaton x Beruka
Arthur x Effie
Benny x Charlotte
Joker x Selena

Ryoma x Rinka
Subaki x Hana
Azama x Kagero
Kaze x Azura
Jakob x Sakura
Silas x Oboro
Takumi x Mozume
Saizo x Felicia
Hayato x Orochi
Hinata x Setsuna
Kaden x Hinoka

Arthur x Kagero
Xander x Mozume
Odin x Elise
Silas x Camila
Leo x Sakura
Keaton x Charlotte
Benny x Rinka
Kaden x Hana
Ryoma x Setsuna
Takumi x Oboro
Jakob x Azura
Azama x Effie
Laslow x Selena
Keaton x Charlotte
Benny x Rinka
Niles x Felicia
Hinata x Peri
Subaki x Hinoka
Saizo x Beruka
Kaze x Orochi
Hayato x Nyx

I might want to marry my Mag+/Luck- Oni Savage Femui to Odin and switch Felicia with Nyx for Leo in Conquest

For Birthright and Revelation I will be using Str+/Luck- Ninja Mamui and marry 2nd Gen unit

What do you guys think?

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