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Best pairing for male corrin?


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Selkie is pretty good, the Kitsune class is cool and she has some GREAT skills like recovering 40% of her HP on even turns. You could also marry a Corrinsexual like Scarlet of Felicia's sister. Or Marry a Firt Gen and sacrifice a kid. Both Felicia and Camilla, and to a lesser extent Hinoka, have really nice looking kids. Not in a creepy way, in a "They are so cute I wish they were my kids." Way.

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It depends, the female that gives MU more benefits is Felicia because of her personal skill, and altough is not bad for Kana there are better mothers.

Optimization is very subjective, in awakening Apotheosis gives you the chance to use 20 units if i remember correctly, so maxing every kid (altough not necessary) was considered being optimal, but in this case when talking about PvP is kinda different, since in the sense you want to have the 5 strongest units, if you want a pair up bot for Kamui/Avatar in PvP Felicia would be a great candidate, but if your style is focused like in Galeforce builds marrying a character like Caeldori or Velouria is pretty good(and also for Kana).

Marrying a +STR -LCK avatar to Azura gives you a pretty amazing Kana and Shigure, you may lose a kid but this way you have 2 great kids, so it really depends what you prefer.

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