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I need some tips


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So as of this typing (2/22/16) i have not bought Fates yet I'm actually gonna get it Thursday (2/25/16) so before i jump into the game is there some tips and tricks i should know about? btw I'm getting Birthright first.

As for Marriage I'll make two save profile's A Male and Female for my Male Profile i wanna marry Kagero for my Female i wanna marry Kaze (spoilers) a friend told me about his story death and is there anyway to prevent that?!

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-You can't trivialize this game by low-manning - the Exp formula is strict on higher level units

-New weapon type (Shuriken) debuffs if it hits

-Pair up is now guard stance, and tag-team is attack stance

-Killer weapons now do quadruple damage when they crit

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  • Always start on the easiest difficulty (Normal) to familiarize yourself with the maps first before challenging yourself in harder difficulties.

The EXP, Gold, and Weapons DLC maps are really useful (especially in the Nohr route).

Take full advantage of the My Castle features (including character cards).

Stronger weapons will have higher penalties in your stats, so equip wisely.

Reclass your characters often, you'll be surprised that some characters fare better in other classes than their starting class (i.e. Saizo as any "hybrid" class like Basara, Oni Chieftain, and Butler).

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