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Help Me With My OPTIMAL Birthright Pairings Please!!!


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Hi everyone! I've treaded on Serene's Forest for a long time, but I just recently made an account and will now make my first post! I need help with my Birthright pairings, I have confidence in some, while others I feel are just leftover characters matched together. Any type of criticism is welcome, as long as it is justified. So let's cut to the chase:







(this is where I have low confidence)





Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and if you took time to look at this and critique it, thank you in advance!

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I think your pairings are already really good! The only one you might want to consider is switching Orochi and Mozu. Neither Jakob X Orochi or Jakob X Mozu is super good, but Saizo goes really well with Orochi because he actually has decent magic growth and the resulting Asugi can really make use of Exploding Shurikens.

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There is 0 reason to care about what skills to trade or pass because of no gender locked skills and the ability to buy anything from wifi easily (even things you can't get legitimately because of so many hacked units running around). You don't have to make any actual decisions about pairings for certain class sets or certain skills to pass.

Class sets are also reduced in importance because you can A+ rank people.

Because of the changes to dual attack/guard and the fact that it has nothing to do with relationships means that you don't even have to think about which units to pair on the battlefield. You can just toss everyone out there and do it without any forethought.

The only thing that actually matters in this meta is mods.

This makes "optimizing" marriages pointless, because none of it makes much difference.

Any interesting crafting/building/theorizing like we had with Awakening is basically DOA and I think that's a HUGE loss to the game. As someone who has 0 interesting in anime shipping I was still able to get into Awakening because of the pairing mechanics - here all of that is gone and what's left feels incredibly hollow.

People called Awakening "Waifu wars" but at least pairing could take on real tactical/strategic character building, here all of that has been removed so you can just ship whoever you want together without feeling like your waifu or child are any worse off due to poor planning.

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Saizou with Orochi sounds awesome! Also I forgot about Tsubaki lol, so here's what I've messed around with since I've last posted this:







Everything else is fair game. What do you guys think now?

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