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cotton-eyed yo


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Hihi there.

So, I'm a thing apparently. A person or something. Yeah.

I don't really do a lot, most fun things I do happen inside my mind. A lot of ideas but can't be added to make them into reality. And I lack any specific hobbies beyond pretending to be a top tier football pundit, but I'm easily amused anyways.

Oh and French people are trash. Not really though. I unno man, yall barely see me because all I do is lurk.

Im not as depressive as I just made myself sound though, wow.

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Welcome to the forums

Ey, sup

Welcome aboard, oh one-who-knows-not-what-they-say.

Don't worry about it though, I don't think most individuals know what we as people are about.

This is the go-to cooking forum, right? I got some mad recipes to drop, like they are on fire!

Where did you come from, where did you go?

Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Hoe? Wait that's inappropriate. Edited by TitanicIcebergs
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