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[Spoilers!] Best for Multiplayer


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Guten Tag,

since the game isn't released in erope yet, I'm already tryng to figure out what my multiplayer team will be. But to start mindcrafting about that, I have to pick one of the three "games".

Currently im leaning towards "Revelations". There are a couple of reasons for it.

1.: You get, according to online recources, all of the royal famalys, nearly all troops of both paths and even some special ones. That means more options for kids (i guess?!) more options for class change and maybe new units from the kids. This is mostly speculation, but for Min/Max Kids in multiplayer very vailable.

2.: You get the "Omega-Yato". It's stat boni are the offensiv and deffensiv from the blaze and grim yato respectevly. That means its the strongest Yato of all. Its also the one with the best design, but thats just "bonus". Unless nearly everybody on multiplayer will use the glitch to make it +7, its unfored still very good vs most units, and with 16mt even strong without the stat boni.

3.: You can grind like in birthright. I know you can also grind in conqest via dlc/post-game, but to use the "best yato" you cant reach post-game, and the feedback on grinding in the dlc's is just bad till now.

That are my thoughts for now. They can be wrong, since i totally rely on online-information. Pls correct me if i am wrong. But to get the best online team possible "Revelations" is the best version I feel like.

Thx for reeding, and sorry for my bad english.

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