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Fates Wifi Tournament: Open Registration!


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Hey everyone! GageLax here, I will be hosting a fire emblem fates wifi tournament!

The tournament will take place tomorrow, Saturday, February 27th at 2:30PM Central Time.

You will be placed in a bracket against other fates players. To battle them, you will send them a pm at serenes to add their friend code and discuss during the fight. Then, just add their code and follow the rest of the rules.

Matches will be a best out of 3; the first to win twice.

Now, the rules.

1. No 'Blue Shield' Units. Only use units that you yourself have made and trained throughout your progression of the game.

2. No eternal seals.

3. Set map to Quick Prep

4. Set handicap to off.

The tournament will have 16 participants. Please only sign up if you know you'll be available then and can play throughout the entirety of the tournament.

You may sign up here: http://challonge.com/FEFTournament

I wish you all the best of luck! Please pm me to ask me any questions. :)

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Also, a reminder. This tournament will have the 'check in' feature.

You will need to go to the website sometime between 1:30 - 2:30PM Central Time to then hit the 'check in' button so that the website knows that you're there and that you will still be competing.

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What are blue shield units?

Blue shield units are units that have a blue shield next to them in battle. This means that they are units obtained using the my castle feature, and not actually trained by the person using them. Also, blue shield units who can be obtained through my castle can also have hacked skills that the unit wouldn't be able to obtain otherwise, i.e. aptitude. So, it's best to just ban them in general so that people are using units that they actual have trained themselves.

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