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Sacred Stones Critical Lines

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Similar to the topic in the FE7 forum. If there were Awakening/Fates-style critical quotes in Sacred Stones, what are the many, many possibilities?

Lute: "Too elementary!"

Lyon: "You don't understand what must be done!"

Joshua: "You gambled and lost!"

Dozla: "Gwa ha ha!"

Cormag: "In my brother's name!"

L'Arachel: "You should count this an honor!"

Forde: "Go to sleep!"

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I am far superior to you!


May your soul be bathed in light!


Heads or Tails?!


I will be the best mage in the world!


I am the son of Garcia!


You can do this Amelia!


*sniff* i'm sorry...


Get out of my way!


Father! You better watch this!

Gerik: This'll end you!


Your days about to get worse than mine!


Gwa ha ha ha!


I will be the best at everything!

Tana: I'll do my best!


Let the divines purge this monstrosity!


Can't pierce me? I'll pierce you then!


Watch how i've grown, brother!


I think you need some rest!




For Princess Eirika!

In my fathers name!


For peace and prosperity!


sorry about this!

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Innes: "Weak." "You really think you can stop me?" "Bull's Eye."

Seth: "For my king!"

Rennac: "Can we get this over with?" "Fine, fine."

Kyle: "For Prince Ephraim!"

I have really thought Innes' through.

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Joshua: "Oh, hard luck..."

Natasha: "I hope you will understand."

Moulder: "Your sins shall be purged!"

Cormag: "You better brace yourself!"

Knoll "Fear the scholars of Grado!"

Garcia: "This feels familiar."

Tana: "I won't let anyone down!"

Amelia: "I'm not a newbie!"

Forde: "Time to turn this battle into art!"

Duessel: "Watch and learn, Ephraim!"

Rennac: "You're giving me a headache!"

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Ross: "Watch this, Dad!" "Ross...Smash!" (like "Hulk Smash")

L'arachel: "Begone, fiend!" "For Rausten!"

Joshua: "You snooze, you lose!"

Tethys (only if she's able to fight): "Let's dance!" "What's the matter, darling?"

Knoll: "For Lyon!" "The most darkest secret!"

Garcia: "For my family!" "Hadn't done this in years!"

Duessel: "For Grado!" "I'm not too old for anything!"

Rennec: "Get away!" "Your luck's worse than mine!"

Dozla: "Here goes nothin'!" "Gwa ha ha!"

Ewan: "Teacher, check this out!"

Eirika: "For Renais!" "Please, lend me strength..." "For the Stones!"

Ephraim: "For Renais!" "For the Stones!" "I'm not alone!"

Forde: "Here it is, my masterpiece!"

Neimi/Innes: "I'll pin you like a cushion!"

Tana: "For Frelia!" "I am not weak/a damsel!"

Seth: "Take this, you dastard!" (No, I'm not using that b-word that rhymes with "dastard"!)

Gerik: "I'm the Tiger of the Desert!"

Marisa: "I am the Crimson Flash!"

Cormag: "You son of a beast!"

Chaellach: "Eye of the Tiger!" (referencing the song by Survivor)

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"Now this is art!"

- Forde (I've seen a couple of art-related ones, but this is a little less wordy.)

Every character from here on, I made sure I had 3 separate quotes for. A number of these are enemy bosses, but I figured they'd fit.

"I hunger!" (referencing his generic battle quote)

"The hunt ends here!"

"You can't escape death!"

- Valter

"Writhe in pain!"

"How weak!"


- Lyon (Possessed)

"Forgive me!"

"The saints save you . . . "

"By the powers of light!"

- Natasha

"Your luck's run out!"

"My lucky day!"

"Looks like you've lost!"

- Joshua

"Hmph . . . Pathetic."

"Hardly worth the effort!"

"You bore me!"

- Caellach

"Hehehe . . . "

"You will make a fine sacrifice."

"I require your life . . . "

- Riev

"For His Majesty!"

"I will not fail!"

"In the name of Grado!"

- Selena

"Stand back!"

"For victory!"

"I still have it in me!"

- Duessel

As much as I love Glen, I can't seem to think of any quotes for him. Sucks, 'cause I almost had quotes for all of the Imperial Six.

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Oh? I've not played that particular game *shot*

But the "god of the underworld" would seem a good character to fashion Valter's voice after lol

I seem to be hitting a creative block for further quotes. Though I will try in the coming days.

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