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(Spoilers) Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Endgame Help


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They never stop. You just have to move fast and keep going. Keep your MU alive at all costs (they don't suffer as big a damage decrease against the boss as long as you're using Shadow Yato), and only go in with your best guys. If you lose, you restart at chapter 27, so you also have to think about what you do.

You have to move fast, hope the enemy kills themselves on you, and hope your MU is powerful enough to hold their own against both enemy reinforcements and the people in the way. Also make sure you use the Dragon Veins.

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Try to get to Takumi on or before turn 5, as that's when the paired up horse dudes on the sides come in. Use your staves liberally, especially Freeze and Entrap. If you got Izana and Flora, they put in work with those. Oh, also Silence the Hexing Rod dude ASAP.

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Could someone review what the two-turn strat is? Although I'm find with a slightly longer number of turns if needed (although I'd like to outrun the reinforcements).

Anyways, if anyone wants to give advice based on what I have:

I have 1 Silence charge left (1/4, I ended up using several against Iago after a hard-fought Ch. 26 so that I wouldn't risk instant reset due to Excalibur's crit chance), 3 rescue charges left, and 30,000 Gold available. I also have 3 paralogues available to do for training/resources/Offspring Sealed kids.

My Avatar is a Nohr Noble with 31 Str, 34 Mag, 28 Skl, 34 Spd (before Yato), 24 Lck, 27 Def (before Yato), and 22 Res (before Yato). He has A-swords, C-tomes, and I believe B stones. He is married to Selena. Level 20/20.

He knows the skills:

Nobility, Dragon Fang, Draconic Hex, Nohrian Trust

Heartseeker, Malefic Aura, Seal Magic, Lifetaker (from "Mage" talent)

Elbow Room, Shelter, Defender (from A+ Friendship Seal with Silas)

Good Fortune, Strong Riposte, Sol, Axebreaker (from S-rank Partner Seal with Selena)

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The two turn involves pairing up Corrin and another strong Brave weapon user pair up with Pass Bow Knight Niles/Nina and having two Strategists or Falconights rescuedrop them close enough that they can both reach Takumi and hit him right away. You might need Boots on your Pass users to pull it off, but if you've just been sitting on them you can use them without caring because nothing after you start Chapter 27 gets saved, so go all out with your stat boosters. Without Pass you're gonna have to get closer to pull it off, so you'll have to deal with enemies and the chance of your strategists being silenced.

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