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Need guidance on digital download discount

Jaguar Wong

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HI there, huge Fire Emblem fan. I couldn't wait any longer trying to get the special edition of Fates so I bought both games seperately. I was trying to decide which game to play first (I decided on Birthright), and now I read that if you buy one game you get the other one for a discount. I haven't played Birthright yet (I'm gonna pop it in when I'm done typing). What should I do? Should I return Conquest to the store and download it when I'm prompted to on the screen? Or does the digitial download discount only work when you buy them all digitally?

Sorry if this is getting confusing. I'm getting a little confused myself just trying to explain this mess.

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Basically how it works is that, if you own either out of Conquest and Birthright, you can purchase the remaining two routes digitally for $19.99 apiece via the "Explore Fates" option in the main menu. This can be done whether the initial route is physical or digital.

If the store you purchased the games from offers full refunds, it would be wise to return one of the cartridges and then buy back the path digitally for half the price. You can get all three routes for the price of two cartridges this way. As a bonus, it's also more convenient, since you can simply choose any path you've purchased in-game come Chapter 6, rather than having to swap in the cartridge of the route you want to play if it's not already the one in your 3DS.

And, of course, Revelation can only be purchased via the in-game "Explore Fates" option; there's no way to get just Revelation on its own, probably because it was created with the intention of it being played after completing at least one of the other two routes.

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