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Advice on Conquest Marriages

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Doing a Lunatic run, but using the grinding DLC on the parents that I'm not deploying just for completions sake on getting the kids. Thoughts on these pairings? Male Corrin X Azura is pretty much non-negotiable, unless of course I was doing Male Corrin X Niles or Male Corrin X Selena.
Azura X Corrin

Kaze X Beruka

Odin X Elise
Niles X Mozu
Arthur X Effie
Keaton X Camilla?
Leo X Felicia
Jakob X Nyx?
Laslow x Peri
Xander X Charlotte
Benoit goes unmarried....
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Well I am not grinding because I like the challenge. I just use online batlles to grind support points. Umm everything is great. Pair those that you like. Unless you want to miss a kid( Benoit forever alone), its fine

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