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I played through Birthright on Hard/Classic (Great game, nice big difficulty ramp at the end) and decided to jump right into Conquest on the same difficulty. I decided, of course to start at the split as the beginning was still fresh in my head. Now this was a couple days ago, but it just occurred to me that I don't think it gave me a difficulty option? Am I crazy? Or can you simply only do difficulties you have already cleared up to the split? I ask because my next playthrough I want to do Lunatic, and probably that from then on. Do I need to clear through ch.6 on lunatic and it will give me the option? Do I need to clear the whole game on Lunatic? Or (I assume it's not this one) does the branch default to the first time you cleared ch.6?

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If you plan on doing a new file on a higher difficulty (or want to play Lunatic Classic when you already did Lunatic Casual), then you have to actually start a new game (play from Prologue).

Otherwise, if you have already reached Chapter 6 on Lunatic Classic, you can clear Chapter 6 and then lower the difficulty settings.

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