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Best units to raise?

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I know this has probably been posted here a billion times, but I wanted to talk about it again.

I want units with insane stat growth that turn out to be monsters in the end game.

I know units like Ike, Mia, Zihark, Soren, Boyd, and Oscar are good choices. What other characters are good late-game?

Who's the best marksman? Do I need a marksman? Who's the best tank? Do I even need a tank?

Should I raise Mist or Rhys, or just wait until Soren and Reyson can heal for me?

What's the ideal late game team comp?

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Shinon is the best marksman,Boyd is pretty top but can turn out a turd, Oscar is good but dont overlook Kieren and Astrid as Astrid can be pretty solid, Rhys is pretty neato as the only light magic user and priest, Soren's pretty aright in my experience but some would disagree, you dont NEED a tank for the end but if you want one, Gatrie it has to be, The laguz kings are must haves for the end game on harder difficulties, there is no ideal group due to the variation your characters are subject to, i once had a good Tanith better than marcia but shit's rare due to Marcia and Jill having crazy growths , Nephenee is usually a beast, devdan is cancer like nearly all pre promotes the exception to this is Titania who can make it to endgame actually decent.

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This is for Path of Radiance, not Radiant Dawn.

The best growth units in this game are Marcia and Jill. Use them as you see fit.

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