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Greetings! ...something I'm not very good at.


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Greetings, fellow Fire Emblem fans, and thank you for taking the time to view my introduction! My name is Seth, but a lot of my friends call me Yed. You can call me whichever you prefer. I've been a Fire Emblem fan since Sacred Stones came out on the 3DS with the Ambassador Program. It took me some time to get used to some of the features of the game, especially permadeath (R.I.P. Franz), but I ended up loving it. Now it's one of, if not my favorite series. I've played every western game so far (except Shadow Dragon), and now I'm starting to go back and play the JP games, starting with Genealogy of the Holy War.

I was very reluctant to make an account here, but I normally view a lot of the threads here anyway, so I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea. I mostly joined the Serenes Forest just so I can have people to talk about Fire Emblem with, though. I don't really know people who like the series (other than Awakening/Fates), so it'd be nice to see how other people view the series. I'm not used to forums though, so please forgive me if I make mistakes with my posts or something.

I'm not good with introductions, so I'm going to use the template on the pinned thread to help explain myself more.

Online name: Yedknowsall
Real name: Seth
DoB: September 13, 1998
Favourite FE Game: Either Sacred Stones (first one I played) or Radiant Dawn (played with a friend, very good memories)
Favourite Game (other than FE): Pokémon Crystal and Emerald
Favourite FE Character: Nephenee
Least Favourite game: I really don't know
Sports: E
Online friends: None on this site
Favourite music: Anime/game soundtracks
Favourite artist/band: I don't pay attention to artists much.
Favourite song: "Skyclad Observer" by Kanako Itou
Country: United States
MSN/Yahoo/AIM: None
Hobbies: Games, E-sports, Anime
Good Point: I'm easy to talk to and I rarely hold grudges.
Bad Point: I'm shy and I'm very clingy to people I think of as "good friends".
Anything else? : [/b] Fun Facts: I was moved ahead a grade, I recently started to try and teach myself Japanese, and I like Root Beer.

That's pretty much it! I hope I'll be able to contribute to these forums in a positive way!

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Heya! We have similar "bad points" although i'm not as shy as I used to be, I certainly understand it.

Welcome to the forest. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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Thanks everyone, it's really good to see such a warm welcome in a community such as this. Gives me hope that I won't regret joining.

And yes, @Deviddo, I've played pretty much every Pokémon game except for a few spin-offs. I really like HeartGold, but I prefer the feel of the gen 2 games more.

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Welcome to the Forest!

Sadly, I remember your birthday. It was the last time I got to see my grandfather, though I didn't know it at the time. I was a nice Sunday.

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