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ICANN May Be In The Hands Of The UN

Captain Karnage

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I feel that the article shared is the simplest in explanation on this topic

guys, this is scarry as fuck, by letting the UN controll the internet we're allowing countries like Russia, China, and Sudai Arabi controll and censor the internet to how they see fit

if you aren't terrified, think of this.

if someone somewhere in the UN had an issues with serenes (unlikely though) they could easily take this place down

and if you live in the EU, they've been considering making it to where you need a special ID to access the web and reserve the right to take away your right to the internet

so, farewell free speach and being anomous

Even though I never liked him I have to agree with Ted Cruz and the other Republicans, for the internet to be truly free, it must remain in the US hands

Giant Asteroid 2k16

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Do me a favor and keep your fearmongering to yourself.

I'm VERY interested in these sorts of issues, and the best response I can come up with is "meh". The Internet is complicated as fuck, and practices that America deems acceptable is not always acceptable elsewhere (see: Facebook and its many privacy concerns). I think the Internet should be out of any one government's hands, though I'm not sure how well it's going to work if multiple governments have a say in it.

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Yeah, I think that so long as a single country doesn't have control over it, things will be fine. If anything this is better than America having control over it; if America wanted to delete some content, who was going to stop them before?

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Don't worry. The UN will not take over the US's role. And other countries will not gain the power to take down websites. This is actually a good thing.

The US Department of Commerce created ICANN in order to globally democratize namespace and address management under a consensus based multistakeholding model. This means no one country manages or controls the Internet. ICANN works well, and with a little fine-tuning along the way has been working well for two decades. So the DoC, having fulfilled its goal, is letting ICANN be run by the multistakeholders who have done so well with it. The DoC isn't giving its power of oversight over ICANN to anyone; it's eliminating them entirely because they're no longer needed.

What this means is nothing changes except no one has to worry about the US possibly exercising undue control over ICANN for political reasons. This bolsters trust in ICANN, ensuring democratic governance of the Internet continues.

Again, this is a good thing.

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