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Conquest Hard PMU


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Hi I got pretty bored with conquest so I wanted to do conquest hard classic run with units picked by you.

For avatar please pick class gender boon/bane and talents.

And dlc classes that I can get are:

Dread figters (x2)

Witch (x1)


Great lord (1x)

Lodestar (1x)

And Im going to use up to 16 characters.

1 Lodestar!Benny

2 Ballistician!Niles

3 Ballistician Corrin, called Beck (+Str/-Lck)(Fighter talent)

4 Berserker!Felicia (S-rank Beck)

5 Great Lord!Azura

6 Falcon Knight!Elise (A+ Azura)

7 Bow Knight!Nina

8 Dreadfighter!Camilla

9 Witch!Nyx

10 Dreadfigter! Forrest (Charlotte as mother)

11 Great Knight! Selena (S- Silas)

12 Berserker! Arthur

13 Berserker! Gazak

14 Bow Knight! Xander



Please pick my units! Thanks.

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Ballistician male Corrin, called Beck (+Str/-Lck)

Give him Fighter talent and use Berserker!Felicia via Partner seal

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