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Nino's Tale


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Not sure if this is in Elibian nights,but I would LOVE to see a Nino epilogue, maybe with Jaffar/Erk as Raigh,Lugh and Chad encounter her fighting off bandits or something.

Nino would be using FE8's Sage mechanics (Ability to wield light magic because of her magical prowess) And would be decked out with coll stuff like physic,Excalibur and Fimbulevtr while Jaffar had weapons to increase the chance of a silencer.(and a angelic robe,because he's the angel of death lol)

Chad would probably be a rogue.

Not sure how this works,but what do you think of this?

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I don't think Nino's tale would work in that context, because they were pretty much on the run. And Chad shouldn't be a rogue, he's a thief in FE6 which comes afterward! That'd be strange. Although, I do like the part with Jaffar and the Angelic Robe. I got a laugh from that.

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