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i got harassed on the train by a grandma


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strangest event that has happened to me in the 16 years of my life, i got onto a train and this grandma (who i didn't know) motioned for me to sit down, lifting her bags up.

seemed nice! so i sat down, nothing strange about this right? nothing at all?

no! no! you could not be more wrong! this is where everything went south!

she looked to me and said "happy new year" in this low voice, followed by an even lower "i looooooooove yoooooooooou..."

i didn't know what to do. my friend was next to me. we were both very visibly, creeped out

then she leaned into my coat and, i think, enjoyed how soft it was. not sure about this, but she might have wanted to kiss me. i rejected her in every form possible

i got off at the next stop.

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i can't believe i'm an it =(

To be fair, your gender is undisclosed on your avatar profile.

Sorry, my first reaction was to laugh, but sorry if that episode made you uncomfortable. So, I won't make any jokes.

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I thought saying they/them also existed

True, but grammar nazis will claim that they is plural, whereas it is singular neuter.

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dw i laughed myself

I had a patient who was like 90+ years old insist on wanting to give me a back rub the other day, if it makes you feel any better.

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